The secret to an exciting house is a well-designed floor plan that works no matter how long you live at the property. Yet it’s a lot harder than you think to come up with the perfect design, and many homeowners make the same mistakes when trying. Here’s some of the most common errors and some tips to avoid them.

#1: Bad Orientation

To make the most of your home, always orient it in relation to north. Living spaces that face north will benefit from good natural light as well as improved energy efficiency; rooms heated by sunlight won’t require as much heat, especially in winter when the sun is lower. This technique is known as passive solar design and can really improve the layout of a home.

#2 Forgetting About Budget

Designing floor plans is fun, which means it’s easy to get carried away with exciting options such as extra bedrooms and home theatres. But for as fun as this stuff is, can you really afford it?
Before deciding on a home, make a list of the features you must have. You can always add to the house later, so make sure you’ve got what you really need at the beginning, and avoid drifting too far from your original plans.

#3 Ignoring the Outdoors

Even if you can’t make it happen right now, make sure you leave space for an outdoor room that flows into the indoors. It should be alongside a dining room, the living room or the kitchen so that food doesn’t need to be carried far when you’re eating outside. You may not be able to afford this kind of addition right now, but it’s smart to factor this in at the beginning so that you can be prepared when you are able to add on.

#4 Forgetting About Furniture

It’s easy for stuff to look good on paper, but it’s also easy to make mistakes when planning for spaces where there’ll be a lot of furniture. Think carefully about where you’ll place sofas, televisions, tables, etc. in relation to windows, doors, the outlook and the sun. All of this will help you determine if you have enough space. When possible, make specific measurements so that you can be completely sure you’re making the right choice.

#5 Unattractive Sight Lines

If you’re floor plan doesn’t account for sight lines, it can really hurt the aesthetics of a home. For example, having front doors open to toilets or storage is really unattractive, and this is the result of poor plans. Prevent this from happening by placing exterior views or architectural elements in lines of sight.

#6 No Bathroom Privacy

The two most important things to remember for bathrooms are privacy and convenience. Make sure each bathroom is accessible from living areas, and consider privacy. Perhaps it’s not the best idea to put a bathroom right off the kitchen or lounge room.

#7 No Storage

Everyone needs storage, but they don’t often think about it when making floor plan decisions. Plan for things such as a butler’s pantry, a garage workspace or a large linen closet. It’s always better to overestimate with storage rather than underestimate so that you’re not left with lots of stuff that has no place to go.
A well-designed home will make your life easier. You might have to try a few times to get it right, but the effort you put in to designing a good floor plan is sure to pay off down the line.

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