Families tend to be very motivated and passionate buyers. They are often looking for a place to settle down and raise their children, meaning they are looking for something long term. Because of this, they can develop an emotional connection to a home, making them more passionate, and more willing to shell out some extra money to make sure their offer goes through.

Appealing to this group of buyers is a good way to make sure your home sells quickly and for a higher price. But how exactly can you do this?

Key Driver of Value

When trying to appeal to families, it’s important to remember what this group is looking for in a home. Typically, liveability is what family buyers will consider to be the most important aspect of a home they are considering. The floor plan is essential, as they want to have flexibility to add and change things as their family gets larger.

While you may be tempted to redo a kitchen or bathroom to attract buyers, know that this isn’t always the best way to appeal to families. Often times, they are looking for ways to make their own mark, leaving your floor plan as the thing to highlight when dealing with families.

A Second Living Area

Parents would love to think their kids would be happy hanging out with them, chatting and watching the same TV shows. But this is not reality. Kids, especially teenagers, tend to take over rooms with their videogames and other entertainment devices. Because of this, having a second living space in the home is increasingly valuable to families. Separate spaces for kids and adults is a real advantage that families are going to value.

If you don’t currently have this space, though, don’t worry. Try to think if there is a room in the house you could convert into this second living space. Or, consider simply adding in a “kid’s space” to one room, such as an office. The idea is to give potential buyers the chance to visualise how they might use the space in your home to meet their needs.

Outdoor space

Everyone loves the idea of spending summer afternoons in the backyard playing games and barbecuing. But families are especially attracted to this, so it’s important to showcase whatever outdoor space you have so that families will be drawn to your home. Consider adding tables and chairs to whatever outdoor space you have so that people can visualise how they might use the it once they move in.

Also, with healthy eating becoming more and more of a trend, many families are looking for space to build a garden or grow fruit trees. Consider reworking some of your space to make room for these hobbies, as this will help give your home a big boost in the eyes of family home buyers.

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