Regardless of whether they’re single, married or have a growing family, home buyers all have a checklist in mind for what they need from a property. And whilst many of them all have price at the top of that list, there are also a number of other features they’re all after in order for them to move forward with a purchase.

With fixer uppers and first-time buyers, those features are likely to vary wildly from your typical home buyer, and as a seller, it’s crucial that you understand what these are in order to get the best possible sale price.

Read on to find out exactly what these two types of buyers are looking for in a property, so you can market yours effectively.

What Buyers Look for in a Fixer-Upper

For fixer-uppers, the property structure, neighbours and property location are major points for consideration. Fixer-upper buyers will also be looking for other features that might not be immediately visible to the eye, such as hardwood floors obscured by carpet, the size of the land to see if the property could be extended, as well as how much natural light the property gets.

Fixer-upper buyers will either be looking for a forever home, or one they can fix up and flip for a quick profit. The first group will be more emotional about the purchase and happy to look past a larger need for renovation. The second group will heavily scrutinise anything that could take a big bite out of their budget, such as plumbing, the roof and the foundations.

If you’re selling a fixer-upper, your best bet is to leave the property largely untouched, apart from a thorough clean. This way, buyers will be able to clearly see what they’re working with.

What First-Home Buyers Look for in a Property

It’s almost always the case that first-time buyers will be looking for a property that’s in a great location, with easy access to freeways and public transport. Low crime rates are also attractive, as is solid internet coverage, large bedrooms and modern kitchens and bathrooms.

On top of this, first-time buyers also look for newer properties that will allow them to capitalise on the First Home Buyers Grant. These incentives vary on the type of building that’s being bought, but usually look kindly on new builds, with grants ranging from $10,000 to $26,000 in some states.

Even if first-time buyers aren’t looking for a new property, they still won’t want to do much work to get it up to living standard. They largely want to find a property that’s move-in ready so they can get the keys and start building the next chapter of their life. On top of this, more recently first-time buyers have been showing added interest in properties without formal living areas that boast an open plan structure.

If you’re selling your home to first-time buyers, you should be sure to declutter your home, prune your garden and make everything look as easy to care for as possible. You want to give the impression that your property isn’t just spacious, but also low maintenance, and removing clutter and cleaning thoroughly will go a long way to helping you achieve this.

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