Keeping your home secure over winter isn’t always easy, but it’s well worth doing. By making a couple of changes to your home, you’ll save yourself a great deal of cash, keep yourself comfortable and increase the overall lifespan of areas of your home.

Whether you choose to handle this yourself or consult the services of a professional is entirely up to you, but if you want to save time and money in the long-run, it’s important you make it happen. Read on to discover a couple of quick tips you can cover in order to safeguard your home over the winter months.

Protect that Patio

If your property has a patio area, you’ll need to bring any outdoor furniture and BBQs inside to keep them safe from damage. At the very least, if you don’t have any inside areas in which to store them, make sure they’re covered up to keep the elements at bay.

Firewood can be covered with tarpaulin to stop it from collecting water and rotting, with a rope to keep it in place so that heavy winds don’t see it flying down the street or stuck in your neighbour’s trees.

Fill the Gaps

If you’ve got small gaps and cracks in your window frames, doorways, foundations or walls, now is the time to fix them. If you don’t, the cold (as well as small rodents) could well find its way in and cause further, more costly damage.

You can tackle these with foam and caulk fillers. They’re easy to use and will last for years if done correctly.

Insulate Your Property

By adding insulation into the roof (and even walls) of your property, you’ll cut down your heating costs, reduce draughts and reduce noise pollution. You can do this by getting your hands on some fibreglass, foam or cellulose insulation, but make sure you wear a mask to protect yourself from fibrous particles. If you don’t think this is something you can do yourself, you’ll still be able to save money in the long-run by hiring a professional to do it for you.

Add Exterior Protection

The list of things you need to do within your home’s interior might seem endless, but that doesn’t mean you should forget about what needs doing on the outside. During winter, your roof will be especially susceptible to damage. If it’s in bad repair, make sure you get it mended before the cold sets in, as a full rebuild in the event of breakage will likely run into the thousands.

Compare the cost of roof repair and roof replacement before you make a decision, however. Although it might be cheaper to make a repair now, it will need replacing in the future anyway. If you’ve got the cash spare, a complete replacement could work out to be more cost-effective.

Switch Your Doormats

This might seem strange, but by switching out your doormats for ones with rougher textures, you’ll be able to cut down on the number of muddy footprints you find yourself scrubbing out of the carpet.

Bring Plants Inside

As soon as the cold weather starts to hit, begin to bring your plants inside. If you’ve got flowers, be sure not to relocate them all at once, as this could shock them. You can start by bringing them inside in the evenings, then moving them back out during the day. This will help them to readjust to the temperature difference.

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