As we work our way through life, surrounded by bad traffic and loud neighbours, as well as the high-costs of inner city living, many of us fantasise about packing up and moving to the country.

However, although not always the case, the idea of moving to greener lands might sound better in our minds than it actually turns out to be. As a result, it’s essential you consider the key benefits of country living before you make the big move.

1) You’ll be Healthier

This isn’t just a general consensus – it’s actually backed by years of research and studies. It’s possible to stay in shape in the city, with the variety of parks, cycling trails, beachfronts and not to mention gyms, as well as a variety of entertainment and food on your doorstep.

However, the majority of these conveniences are available because of the sheer time constraints that exist as a result of living in the city. Instead of sitting in traffic in the morning, that time could be spent walking your dogs, walking the kids to school, or going for a jog through the local national park – all before the 9-5 begins.

How we eat also changes depending on our location. We don’t just have less space to grow our own produce in the city, we’re also less connected to regional harvests and have less time to prepare fresh food. Living in the country, you’ll have full access to a range of in-season foods, as well as the space to grow your own. On top of this, waking up to the sounds of nature and the smell of fresh air each day will feed your soul in more ways than you can imagine.

2) An Ideal Upbringing

Although inner-city no doubt has its advantages, with kids having everything they need to grow up street-smart, intelligent and independent, they still have to sacrifice an element of their childhood to have this. Kids learn community values and the way of life by running around wide-open fields, learning how to tend to land and treat animals, as well as the cycles of life that depend on how humans treat the spaces around them.

Living in the country will give children the perfect blend between freedom and security within a safe and familiar space – all without the overwhelming stimuli that come with city culture. With the additional time you’ll have on your hands, your kids will have more opportunities to exercise, explore and make new friends.

3) You’ll be Financially Secure

Living in rural Australia works out to be more affordable than city life almost every time. In fact, a large family property with a sizeable portion of land can cost you the same in a rural town as a one-bedroom apartment would in the city. Additionally, with a smaller mortgage you’ll have much less stress on your shoulders, knowing you have more money to cater to your lifestyle.

On top of this, the overall cost of groceries and fuel will be much lower, so you’ll free-up cash in your budget that would otherwise have been blown on the essentials in the city.

Employment options may well be limited in the country, but there are options you can explore, such as working from home part-time or all the time or enjoying some R&R on a train commute into the CBD twice a day. If you can keep your inner-city income with the lower costs of rural life, you may well be able to work towards those life plans you’d previously thought to be out of reach.

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