From property location to the price you put on the listing, the number of points to bear in mind when selling your property can seem endless.

However, the 9 quick fixes we discuss below are easy ways to instantly increase the appeal of your property to get interest from buyers rolling in.

1) Repaint any Cabinets

If you’re cabinet interiors are still solid, consider repainting, refinishing or refacing them. This is a cost-effective option and will make your kitchen look 10 years younger.

2) Buy New Appliances

Changing out any old, dated appliances for their newer, shinier counterparts will be the biggest difference you can make to your home without having to invest in a full renovation. Since the costs of appliances are pretty set in stone, too, you’ll be able to budget easily as well.

3) Think About Changing the Carpets

Old, tired-looking carpets are no fun for anyone, and buyers can find it difficult to look past them when viewing properties. However, taking out carpets and adding in new ones, or even hardwood flooring, can completely change the look and feel of a space.

4) Repaint Your walls

Colour can have a huge impact on how a property makes you feel, something that’s especially easy to spot when you enter a property where the owners have made questionable choices.

You can improve the look of your property by repainting some of the walls. It’s easy to do, doesn’t take much time, and it’s highly affordable.

5) Change Light Fittings

Changing existing light fittings with new ones you love is a quick fix that you or an electrician can get done quickly. From Edison-bulb chandeliers to modern pendants, there’s something everyone will love.

6) Cover Up Stucco Ceilings

Stucco ceilings are easy for you to forget about, but they’ll add 20 years to your property. Fortunately, fixing this is quick and easy. You can either scrape it off, but if you think there could be any lead or asbestos, it’s wise to simply cover it up with plasterboard.

7) Make it Architecturally Interesting

If you think your target buyers might be put off by a bland interior, there are several features you can incorporate to spice it up a little.

Look into cornices, skirting boards, picture rails and boxed seating/built-in bookcases. A professional carpenter will be able to install these for you to add a little flair to your property.

8) Get to Work with Landscaping

First impressions really count in real estate. If your front yard is looking a little shabby, dig out your gardening gloves and get to work. Mow the lawn, install planters and make sure there are no weeds in sight. You’ll be amazed at the difference it makes.

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