Got a small apartment that you want to make the most of? Looking to enjoy all of the benefits of a roomier home? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. If you’re living in a smaller dwelling, these tips will help you make the most of the space you’ve got. Read on to find out more.

Use White to Your Advantage

Honestly, try it. By painting the rooms in your property white, you won’t only make your property brighter – you’ll also make it look bigger. You can even include white accessories to maximise the effect this has. Not keen on using paint? No problem. You can use wallpaper or textures to keep the process simple.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

This is the oldest trick in the book, but it works – add a mirror to your wall! Mirrors add depth to your property, making it look larger and more spacious. You don’t even have to use a frame. A sheet of mirror in your rooms, hallways and bathrooms can create a great minimalist texture.

Hang Things on Your Walls

One of the best ways to create more floor space? Take things off your floor. Hang your items on walls and take storage off the ground by using modular shelving as a place to keep your items. Just be sure to buy pieces that complement the current design of your room.

Moving Walls

If you live in a studio apartment, it can be difficult to separate your social time from sleep time. Moving walls are a great solution to this. You can use them to compartmentalise different spaces, creating the feel of a much bigger area.

On top of that, it’ll help to break the mental association between your living room and bedroom, which could well improve your quality of sleep.

Let There be Light

Whether these are hanging lights, standing lampshades or LED strips, adding light to your property is a great way to make it look and feel bigger. Which type of lighting you use is down to personal taste, so explore what works best for your individual property.

Bring in Full-Size Furniture

Separate sofas might seem like a good idea, but they actually make your rooms look smaller. To increase the appearance of space in your property, consider installing full-size furniture. They’ll add depth to dark and dreary rooms and will help to hide any excess items like wiring that make your property look untidy.

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