It shouldn’t come as any surprise – although science definitely plays a pivotal role, living in the countryside has several health benefits, backed by many studies to show the advantages of healthy living and nature.

With property prices much lower than those found in the city, moving to rural Australia might be an investment that pays off financially, too. So, whether you’re motivated by health or are looking to save a couple hundred bucks on your mortgage, here are some of the key benefits you can expect to see from rural life.

1) Your Immune System Will Grow Stronger

Scientists have found compelling evidence to show that both adults and children who move to rural farming communities get a welcome boost to their immune systems – regardless of whether they work in agriculture.

This was found to be due to continued exposure to a large variety of bacteria. Although you might come down with a cold during your first few months, you’ll be far less susceptible to illness in future.

2) You’ll Refresh Yourself Mentally

The more time you’re spending in fresh country air, the less time you’re spending breathing in pollution. City air doesn’t only have a negative effect on your physical health, either – the hustle and bustle can pay a heavy toll on your mental health, too.

In addition to cleaner air, living in the countryside will also increase your vitamin D exposure, which studies have shown can improve your mental state, bone health and destroy bacteria within the body.

3) You’ll Have More Space

Carving out a patch for a garden or vegetable allotment can be difficult in the city, regardless of how much cash you’ve got to splash. In the country, however, you’ll do well to find properties that don’t come with their own garden or outside areas. Buying a property with a garden big enough to grow your own produce is a realistic option for most rural Australians.

4) You’ll Cut Down Your Stress

Adults aren’t the only ones who get hit by stress. In fact, research has shown that an alarming number of millennials, teens and children are also experiencing long-term stress-related symptoms in Australia.

This comes hand in hand with urban life and, while it has its upsides, direct access to wide open spaces and clean country air has a lot more to offer your health.

5) You’ll Get Better Access to Services

Your local doctors in the city is likely to have thousands of registered patients. In a rural town where the populations can be as low as 500, that’s not going to be a problem. Combine that with the overall greater immune strength, and you can be sure that if you need medical attention, you’re going to be able to get it quickly.

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