The internet is plastered with content describing how homeowners can get it done, but surprisingly, boosting your home value can be trickier than you might think. And whilst it might be tempting to jump at the next new scheme gaining popularity, it’s important to remember that all properties are different.

As a result, whilst these tactics might work for some properties, they might not necessarily work as well for yours. So, instead of running to the store and splashing out on fancy features, it makes sense to first look a little closer to home. Read on to find out how you can pick changes that are appropriate to your property, that’ll actively work to increase its resale value.

1) Get Expert Help

Many homeowners think they can’t afford expert help – but somehow always have the spare cash to buy cheap twice. By investing your money and time into the services of a real estate agent or interior design expert, you’ll be able to gain actionable insights into areas of your property that need improving.

The benefit of contacting a real estate agent lies in the fact that they work within the industry full-time and will almost certainly have seen similar cases in the past.

2) Get Your Landscaping Right from the Start

A well-groomed garden with strong trees and areas of shade is always going to be popular with buyers. However, achieving this can take years – especially if you need to plant the trees.

As a result, it’s well worth getting stuck into your gardening early on. Not only will you boost your resale value – you’ll also get to enjoy the garden before you come to sell.

3) Renovate Your Kitchen

Where 10 years ago the focal point of your property was likely to be the sitting room, it’s now going to be the kitchen. And it should come as no surprise that your kitchen can be the make or break of your property value.

Kitchens are often the priciest rooms to renovate, so you don’t necessarily have to give it a complete revamp. However, there are certain areas you can target to give your property value an instant boost:

  • Apply new paint
  • Add in appliances
  • Boost the lighting with pendant lights and under-cupboard strips
  • Change your door handles and doors
  • Fit a new worktop
  • Fit hardwood, tiled or laminated flooring

4) Give Your Bathroom a Makeover

Beautiful bathrooms are at the top of the shopping list for budding property buyers nowadays, so next to the kitchen, this should be your area of focus. The size of your bathroom doesn’t necessarily matter, as there’ll always be something you can do to improve its look and feel.

Consider the following upgrades:

  • Change any cracked toilets, tubs or basins
  • Add in new vanity mirrors and lighting
  • Give bathtubs a new coat of paint
  • Repaint the walls and ceilings

Complete this short list and voila, you have a brand-new bathroom ready to wow visitors.

5) Take Down Dated Accessories and Furnishings

Remember that painting you bought in the charity shop 10 years ago for $4? Yes, we’re talking about that. Any old furnishings and room accessories can easily make your property look and feel older than it is. Some might work with your style but look at your rooms with a fresh pair of eyes – if they make your home look and feel smaller, get rid of them.

6) Clean Your Paths and Driveway

First impressions count, so if potential buyers are approaching your property on a dirty path, it won’t fill them with the highest of hopes for your interior.

Buy a pressure washer or borrow one from a neighbour. Give your patios, paths and driveway a good clean and strip off any dirt that’s built up over the years. It’s a strangely satisfying job and you’ll be amazed at the difference it makes.

7) Change Your Front Door

After your driveway, your front door is going to be the first thing your visitors see. If it’s got paint stripping off, you need to do something about it. Take out your paintbrush and get to work.

8) Paint Your Interior

If you’re anything like the millions of other Australians, this one is likely to have been on your to-do list for some time. However, if you’re looking to boost your resale value, now is the time to get around to it.

A good coat of paint can bring your property from the 80s straight into the modern day, and it’s a great way to set the overall mood for the rest of your home.

9) Create Extra Storage

Instantly transform the look and feel of your property by adding extra storage. This will help to get your clutter out of sight and make your spaces feel immediately bigger.

These storage areas can be in your front room, bedrooms, garage – literally wherever you can find the room. Buyers are going to look for places to keep their belongings, so storage adds that extra bit of appeal to your property.

10) Create a Social Space Outdoors

Treat your back garden like an additional room to your property. When it’s hot out, give yourself space to enjoy the weather in comfort and style.

If you’ve got the space, consider adding in decking or a patio for barbeques. If you’re tight on space, a patio with comfortable seating can equally do the job.

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