Soak up country life whilst getting a dose of outdoors medicine, changing your perspective and meeting new people.

If you’re coming from the big city, an outback might be a bit of a change of pace for you. Life moves slower, it’s quieter, and you’ll be going from a shop on every corner to one in the town. However, that’s not to say it’s necessarily the wrong choice for you. Living in rural Queensland comes with a whole host of benefits – many of which are perfect for city slickers looking for a fresh way of life.

1) Country Life is Massively More Relaxed

City and country life both run on different timelines. In bigger towns, everything is happening all at once, all the time. In the country – especially rural Queensland – everything slows down.

You’re not going to be faced with rush hour traffic jams, or people pushing past you in the street, too busy and stressed to greet you. In fact, you’ll probably be able to find time to stop and chat with your local grocery clerk, or even pop home for a bite to eat with your loved one over lunch.

And as a professional, this lack of time pressure will often mean that you’re able to give your career and clients more of your time which, in turn should result in higher conversion and sales rates.

2) There’s a Sense of Community Care

There might not be as many people to sell your services to, but the bonds you develop with your customers are going to be strong. It’s unlikely there’ll be a huge amount of real estate agents in your area, so your target customers are much more likely to value your service.

By living within a small rural community in Queensland and interacting with potential customers on a daily basis, the value your service provides increases exponentially.

3) The Area has Incredible Weather and Geographic Diversity

Keen to move from the city one day, buy out an acreage and set up a vegetable garden? Or maybe you’d prefer rugged coastline, lush rainforest or rolling fields? In Queensland, these dreams can easily be a reality – and sooner rather than later, too.

The geographic diversity of the area is astounding, meaning there’s something for absolutely everyone, at much kinder prices than you’ll find in the city.

4) It’s a Great Lifestyle for a Connected Family

Get yourself out of the rat race in rural Queensland with the many benefits of its outback post. Everybody knows everyone, it’s safer than cities, and there’s a general sense of wellbeing that creates a feeling of community that’s second to none.

A large number of these Queensland rural communities are great places to raise families, too. Typically, this is because kids who are raised in the country are gifted with a great deal more freedom than those who are brought up in the city.

Although there might be a limit of schooling and work options in the town, these are increasingly combatted with the use of fast-paced technology. Australia is more interlinked than ever before, and it makes living in rural Queensland a much easier task than it was 50 years ago.

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