Rural communities are an incredibly welcoming environment to move into, and with property prices continually on the rise across many of Australia’s capital cities, more and more individuals are making the jump to greener pastures.

Although it might seem like a big risk and a huge change of pace, settling into a country community can be an excellent move for many. However, it does take a bit of adjustment. Check out these top tips and you’ll be settled into your country community before you know it:

1) Take a Trip to the Local Library or Tourist Centre

For anyone who’s new in town, these places are an absolute goldmine. In addition to maps, information packs, community calendars and local newspapers packed with information about the area, you’ll also get an invaluable opportunity to meet friendly faces. Make this one of your first ports of call.

2) Invite Friends and Family to Stay

Having familiar people like your friends and relatives close to you after a big move can seriously help you to settle in.

Get in touch with them, let them know about your move to the new town, and invite them to come and spend a few days with you.

3) Remember the Six Degrees of Separation

Looking around a new town, you might think all the faces you see are those of strangers. However, they might be closer to you than you think. Contact your friends and family and ask them about any ties they have to your new town. Who knows – you might find some mutual connections to help you ease into the transition.

4) Join a Sports Team

Although this isn’t necessarily a great idea if sports aren’t your strong point, if you’ve played on one before, joining a local team can be a great way for you to forge bonds and make new friends.

5) Make Yourself Say Yes

When you might normally turn down an invitation to sunset jogging, a big part of successfully settling into a new town is getting to know people. So, if you get invites from colleagues to take up a new activity, give it a shot. It might not be for you, but who knows. – you might discover a new passion.

6) Start Volunteering

It’s both a wonderful way of giving back to the community and also meeting new people. Form meaningful new social and professional ties by registering as a volunteer at community centres, libraries, churches or schools.

Bear these tips in mind and you’ll settle into your new town in no time.

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