So, after months of debating and consulting with friends and family, you’ve made the call – you’re going to sell your home. Congratulations!

And whilst this might be a stressful and busy time for you, it’s also going to be exciting. By this point, you’ve hopefully settled on a real estate agent and had them walk you through the sales and marketing strategy for your home.

From here, the next logical step is running an open inspection. And although this might seem as easy as opening the front door and letting potential buyers stick their nose around the place, if you really want to fully capitalise on the value that’ll be there on the day, it’s going to take a bit of foresight and planning.

Fear not, though. In this article, we’re going to take you through the 5 key steps you need to take to be right ready for any home inspection. By the end of it, you’ll be sure to wow potential buyers into making an offer.

1) Pack up Your Stuff

If you’ve been living in the property you’re selling – especially if you’ve had a few little ones running around the place – there’s every chance that it’s looking a little lived in.

To make the best impression possible to potential buyers, you’ll need to do a bit of tidying. Firstly, take a look around and figure out what you can sell or dispose of. After, think about what you want to put into storage – think seasonal items or occasionally-used sporting equipment. Once you’ve made the call on this, pack these items away into a loft or garage and voila – you’ll be left with a clean, tidy and inviting property ready for potential buyers to peruse.

2) Give it a Lick of Paint

There’s every chance that your home isn’t screaming to be renovated, but that doesn’t mean a quick touch-up won’t go amiss. Have a look at the walls, ceilings and skirting boards in your home and see if they could benefit from a quick lick of paint.

This doesn’t have to be a top-to-bottom renovation job – it might be the case that only a room or two need doing. However, a freshly painted home is incredibly appealing to buyers and will help you to cast it in the best possible light.

3) Get Around to Your Odd Jobs

Remember that long list of “stuff you’ll do next weekend” that’s been growing for the last year? Well, now is the time to do it. Why? Because whilst a leaky tap or creaky door might not seem a lot to you, it’s the kind of thing that budding buyers are going to pick up on. And if little things like that aren’t up to scratch, they’re going to take it as a sign that your property isn’t in good repair. In turn, this will have a knock-on effect on your price.

So, before people set foot through your door, set aside a morning or two to get these odd jobs done.

4) Make the Most of the Great Outdoors

Regardless of the season, a crowded garden is going to put people off. And when most properties have some form of front yard or another, it’s the first thing your open inspection attendees are going to notice. And first impressions really do count.

Take a look at your front, side and back yards from a fresh perspective and ask yourself – what would give you a negative impression? This might be uncut grass, peeling paint or a broken mailbox. Most of the time they’re quick fixes, so get to them before the day of your open inspection.

5) Get a Touch of Professional Style

Whilst this one is far from essential, hiring a professional stylist or stager can have a very real and very tangible effect on the success of your open inspection. These individuals are experts in interior design and know exactly what your target market will and won’t like.

If this is an option you’re going to consider, however, you should book them as soon as possible, as they’re often incredibly busy.

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