In Australia, roughly 60% of property sales and purchases take place during the warmer months. As a result, if you’re looking to get yours on and off the market, time could well be running out.

Before you meet with your agent, you’re going to need to give your property a little TLC to ensure you’re making the most of your indoor and outdoor living spaces. Before anything else, take a look at these key tips:

1) Make Any Required Repairs

If you’re keen to sell your home before summer is out, you’re going to get it looking the part. Before making a decision, potential buyers are going to go through your home in detail and pick on the smallest things that might not be quite right.

The last thing you want is for them to be put off by a creaking gate or cracked paint on your porch, so take care of your odd jobs before listing.

2) Nail Your Curb Appeal

Before booking an inspection with an agent, most buyers are going to do a quick drive-by. And if your home isn’t looking its best from the curb, the chances of them picking up the phone will plummet.

First impressions count, and with property, it’s no different. If you want to get buyers climbing over each other to put offers in on your home, consider the following:

  • Water blast the curb and pathway leading to your front door
  • Paint any fences or exterior walls
  • Tidy your front garden, adding new plants and removing any weeds
  • Add in window boxes to draw eyes and add colour

3) Take Care of Your Back Garden

It’s no secret that us Aussies love being outside, and one of Summer’s key selling benefits is the gorgeous weather. This means you’ll be able to promote any outside decking area as additional living space.

If you’ve got decking boards that are poorly decorating and in bad repair, it could well have a negative impact on your enquiry rate.

4) Boost Your Courtyard Space

Playing off the last point, you need to make the most of any courtyard space you may have.

Create a focal point using a statue, urn or water feature, and place it at the furthest point from your back door so vision is drawn to the farthest point of your garden, therefore creating a sense of space.

5) Add in Some Outdoor Furniture

Regardless of whether you’ve got a large outside area or not, creating a seating area is a great idea. Tables, chairs, outdoor lounge and BBQ areas are a solid way of creating a social outdoor space and creating a sense of togetherness in your property.

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