Home staging can help you to increase the value of your property, but it can also help you to lease or sell it faster – depending on your goals. The downside is that it can cost you hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

We’ve created a list of the top 15 ideas that you can use to stage your house for sale or lease, whilst doing it all on a budget.

1)   Remove Personal Items

Removing personal items such as photos and memorabilia is a good idea, because it allows prospective buyers/renters to see themselves living here – not being reminded that someone already does live in the property.

2)   Adding Mirrors

Put mirrors all around the property, so open up the space. It’s a bit of an optical illusion, but it helps to reflect natural light around the place – natural light is always a winner.

3)   Using Neutral Colours

It’s important to keep décor neutral. Using a neutral palette on the walls and floor can evoke a sense of calm, and can help to depersonalise the space even further. A subtle splash of colour in each room is still a must though.

4)   Remove The Trace of Pets

This one is simple – as much as we love our pets, nobody wants to smell someone else’s dog or cat. Arrange for a pet sitter to look after yours when you have an open home event or viewing.

5)   Partially Empty Cupboards

If you partially empty closets and storage units, it will create the illusion of… you guessed it – more space. This is one of the most desirable things to home buyers/renters.

6)   Clean And Tidy

Might sound obvious to you, but not everyone will think to clean up and tidy before a viewing. Nothing will put off prospective tenants/buyers more than bad smells, dirt and mess.

7)   Tidy The Garden

Tidying up the house is one thing, but you’ll want to make sure the garden is presentable too – start by mowing the lawn, trimming back bushes and cleaning up borders.

8)   Rearrange Furniture

Moving the furniture about can help you during home staging, as it will allow you to potentially create more space than you had previously. It can also help to make the flow of people more natural during an open house event.

9)   Seasonal Decoration

Think about what time of year it is, and whether you can theme the decoration of your property. Decorating for the festive season can make a home feel cosy during winter, and keeping the house cool in the summer will help to attract tenants.

10)        Scents Make Sense

Think about using candles and fragrance diffusers to make the property smell clean and fresh. Be sure that the scent is light and neutral, so as to not overpower your potential buyers/renters.

11)        Use Flowers And Art

Using flowers and art is a great way of staging the property, and creating a focal point for each room individually. Don’t use fake flowers as this can look cheap – especially if they’re covered in dust. Art doesn’t have to break the bank – you can find some interesting pieces at your local thrift store for sure. Adding some small plants or a vibrant fruit bowl to a white and sterile kitchen, can be a great way to add life and colour without adding clutter.

12)        Dress Up Your Entrance

Make sure that the entrance to your house is open, and inviting. This includes making sure the house number/name is easy to read, the doormat is clean, and that there is no clutter in the hallway.

13)        Hide Exposed Cables

Ensure that all loose cables for TVs, DVD players, games consoles etc., are tucked away and out of sight. You can get cable-tidy units for relatively cheap in hardware and electronic stores, as well as discount shops.

14)        Set The Bathroom

Setting the bathroom is a cool way of getting potential tenants to imagine what life could be like in your property – you can do this by setting out some fresh white linens, to create a feeling of clean and luxurious comfort.

15)        Keep The Target Market In Mind

Last but not least, keep your target market in mind at all times. If you’re looking to create a child-friendly zone you might want to hire some furniture with rounded corners for example. You can also provide print-outs of local amenities that are relevant to your target market.

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