It’s fair to say that selling your home will probably be the biggest financial decision that you’ll ever make. You’ll definitely want to make sure that you do it properly with that in mind. While it can be tempting to sell your property without an agent’s input, you’ll recognise the advantages to bringing an agent on board almost immediately.

Here are 5 reasons why you’ll want to employ an agent rather than trying to sell your house all by yourself.

1)   Time

Selling a home can take a huge amount of time. It can be a heap of countless hours filling in paperwork, travelling to and fro the property and many more activities that will take a sizable chunk out of your day.

The average person simply doesn’t have time to get involved in these tasks alongside the working day, so hiring an agent can really help to take this burden off of your back.

2)   Stress

Selling a property can be a really stressful time, with its own set of protocols and guidelines that need to be followed to the letter. As a seller, you’re required to follow these rules by law – and can quickly become a complicated process, especially if you’ve never sold a house before.

Complications can occur at any moment, from paperwork to maintenance and finance. If you’re not confident in selling your property, it’s definitely worth saving time and stress by bringing a professional agent on board.

3)   Incorrect Pricing

Selling up can be quite emotive, especially if it’s your own home. None of us want to see such a sentimental entity go for a miniscule price. That said, you don’t always have the ability to look at house pricing subjectively when it’s your own – something you can overcome by getting an agent involved.

Using an agent will help you to avoid overpricing, which could see your property receive little or no interest from potential buyers – resulting in a longer time on the market. This can cost you more in terms of marketing fees etc.

4)   You Might Lack The Knowledge, Contacts & Skills

The real estate agent has trained for years, and possibly worked in the local market for a long time. They are the expert in the profession of real estate, and it’s their job to know the ins and outs of your local market.

This should be a good enough reason to get value for money from having an agent involved, because they will have a number of skills to bring to the table to use for your benefit. These skills can include negotiation, marketing, presentation.

5)   Selling For Less

Whilst you may well save a big chunk of money on agent fees, not having an agent can result in an overall loss of profit from the sale of your property. Some buyers will deliberately offer you a lower amount, because they know that you don’t have a professional to negotiate on your behalf.

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