Despite being built to last (most of the time), houses are still influenced by the era they’re built in. As a result, if you’re building your own house it’s well worth knowing what’s hot and what’s not in the market. Who knows – you might find something even better than what’s in your head.

Consider Open Plan 

Open plan flooring has been around since the 1950’s and is pretty common – and for good reason. The majority of Australians seem to prefer it.

Understandably, it’s not something everyone is into, and you’ll be able to find builders who’ll avoid it if need be. A solid middle ground, however, can be ‘broken plan’. It’s a combination between fashionable open plan and traditional closed plan, and offers you a method of closing off noisier areas of the house such as the kitchen whilst keeping communal areas social.

Size Doesn’t Matter 

Good things certainly do come in small packages. Although ‘tiny houses’ have yet to fully catch on, they’re definitely a trend that the market is picking up on. Single person households are increasing year-on-year, which is supplementing the demand for smaller properties.

This is definitely an area where demand has overtaken builders. Australia overtook the USA in the 90s as the builder of the world’s largest houses, keeping hold of the record until around 2012 – despite the decline in average occupancy.

Large numbers of people are downsizing, with high-occupancy housing compensating for close-on 40% of new build properties. Although the Australian dream may still be the 4-bedroom home on the acre block of land, consumer demand is heading towards smaller homes.

Smart Tech is Taking Over 

Smart tech in the property market is all about providing integration between appliances, such as controlling the climate, or telling you who is in the house and in which room. They can also work with renewable appliances to manage any solar energy you’ve captured to ensure you’re making the most of it.

Technology is only growing more intelligent, too. Heating, lights, blinds and all manner of things can be attached to a home hub so you can control everything remotely, with facial recognition software ready to open the front door when you get home.

Green Living is the Way Forward 

Energy prices are steadily increasing, leaving a bunch of us looking at green energy options. With smaller properties, it’s actually possible to build a property where more energy is produced than used. If you’re building a new property, you should aim for no less than a 6-star thermal performance rating, although advanced in building capabilities mean you should be able to exceed this easily. Houses with higher ratings are more efficient, better constructed and more likely to fetch a higher price on the market.

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