The main purpose for doing major home renovation, is to create a space that will be unique to you, as well as the needs of your family as a unit.

Many of us prefer to be seen as a trendsetter, rather than a follower of trends – so it doesn’t hurt to stay ahead of the pack when it comes to home renovation and interior design.

You might blame it on the popularity of home renovation TV shows, or the abundance of ideas floating around on social media – but creative inspiration is all around us. In order to be successful in renovation however, you’ll need to set clear goals for your property.

1)   Use Of Space And Clean Design

Most of us renovate our homes in order to create a more open and efficient living space. It therefore goes without saying then, that the efficient use of space is of paramount importance.

Creating extra space, yet adding privacy can be achieved through the use of well-designed corners and niches Investors and homeowners alike crave space in their homes with plenty of storage space, as it can increase property values.

Think about going upwards with a loft or roof conversion if you have the money available.

You should think about using ‘clean’ lines with a contemporary and minimalist edge. Simple shapes with unadorned facades are coming into fashion, so think about garden designs with clean-cut boundaries and bathrooms with streamlined finishes.

2)   Outdoor Spaces

One of the great Aussie traditions is the ability to use the great outdoors for entertainment. One of the greatest ways you can add value here, is by crafting an outdoor area that has practical uses, yet is also inviting for guests.

Many modern outdoor spaces are often integrated with the indoor areas of your house, making for a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor living. You can achieve this through enclosed patio and deck areas, lush landscaping and a sitting area complete with fire-pit. Don’t forget to include that BBQ for outdoor cooking on hot summer days.

3)   Luxury Details

Despite popular opinion, you don’t need to spend big to achieve the look of luxury. Expensive tiling and deluxe fixtures and fittings don’t actually add much value to your home overall. This can cause a homeowner to end up overcapitalising.

Consider using the eclectic look of mixing old and new, in order to achieve a “wow” factor. Think about using shiny glass and steel fixtures in the bathroom, alongside a claw-foot bath tub and some polished stone countertops.

You might consider using darker shades of timber flooring to give a rich and classy feel to any room in your house – as well as the use of rugs to provide warmth and sophistication.

4)   Juxtapose The Natural And The Industrial

You may want to think about creating an edgy space by combining natural materials with an industrial appeal. This look is taking the renovation world by storm – especially the combination of oak timber and rich, chocolate shades.

Many modern homeowners are seeking to do this as it has a sense of imperfect beauty, as well as making for a totally unique addition to your space.

5)   Eco-Friendly Ideas

In order to craft a tranquil yet smart space, many home owners are moving towards the use of eco-friendly design elements. Not only are these designs good at reducing the human impact on the environment, they also work seamlessly together with organic-inspired flair to create a nature-orientated feel in the home.

These homes tend to be durable and energy-efficient, which can save you stacks of cash in the long-term. These designs also tend to be easily created on a budget – adding significant value to a property in the long-term.

Eco-friendly designs will incorporate extra insulation as well as inviting in more natural light and utilising sustainable materials. Don’t forget to buy appliances that have high energy star ratings – especially if your renovations involve the kitchen and bathroom.

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