The value of a property isn’t always necessarily determined by its location, age and current market trends. Essentially, a price of a house can be whatever you make it, in which the style of your home plays a huge part.

Now running into the initial weeks of Spring comes one of the busiest selling seasons of the year, and it may be in your own best interest to restyle your home for a sale.

Let’s take a look at what some of the top agents in the country had to say:

There are three primary questions asked by potential vendors before putting their homes up for sale:

  1. What can I do to make sure I’ll get the home’s maximum value?
  2. How can I attract more buyers?
  3. How do I sell my property faster?

The most common answer from Australian agents was style, style style!

In fact, results from a recent survey conducted by an Australian real estate agency showed that around 98% of agents who were asked (50 agents in total), replied with a ‘yes’ to the question: Can styling your home increase the price?

Agents were then asked for their thoughts on how much of an increase in price would be possible?

A staggering 83% of them agreed that approximately 2.5% could be added to the property’s market value.

To put this in perspective, an example could be that:

You might have a home worth $400,000. A 2.5% increase could possibly add up to $10,000 value. This is quite a significant increase just for spending a little time (and maybe a tiny bit of cash), on a styling makeover.

In collaboration with beliefs of increased figures, 88% of those agents agreed that styling would boost private treaty offers and auction numbers, with 92% suggesting that a faster sale would be on the cards.

But what do you mean by ‘styling’ my home? 

Styling, in terms of real estate jargon basically translates to, ‘make it more appealing to people’.

Any part of your home or living space that has potential to be improved with a redesign or makeover is referred to as styling the property.

Depending on the type of your property, some of these improvement aspects may include:

  • Making each area clutter and odour-free.
  • Applying fresh coats of paint.
  • Tidying up garden and lawn areas.
  • Updating tired bathroom or kitchen area fixtures.
  • Replacing old, dirty rugs and tiles.
  • Displaying new towels, pillows and cushions.
  • Baking fresh food and serving coffee on open days.

In some cases, an aggressive restyling project could add up to 5% more value, which was mutually agreed upon by 50% of the agents in the survey.

In addition to value-related responses, agents also weighed in on what they thought were the biggest turn-offs for potential buyers. These being:

  • Pet accessories being left around the house.
  • Failing to properly tidy kitchen and bench spaces – clutter makes living spaces feel significantly smaller.
  • Cluttered bathrooms and wardrobes.
  • Messy or cluttered garage spaces.

We can see from the suggestions above that there is one common denominator, or pet-peeve if you will, that really grinds buyers’ gears – clutter!

Buyers love a clean and tidy, clutter-free home. All it takes is a little TLC and you could achieve a sale price higher than you originally dreamt of!

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