Moving interstateMoving to a new house is oftentimes difficult enough when you’re only relocating to a house in the same suburb or town. But moving interstate, however, can be another story altogether – that is, a whole new level of frustration.

How successful you’ll be with it, and how much stress is involved will largely depend on how well-prepared you are in the weeks leading up to the big move. Another thing is planning and sticking to a reasonable budget.

One cheaper alternative to a removal business doing multiple trips back and forth is to use self-pack containers.

These are usually large enough to store everything (or most of your stuff), and haul it in one trip, perhaps two. You’re also able to pack these containers the way you want it, which is handy if you have a lot of extra fragile furniture or electronics.

Your household items are conveniently transported by rail and all kept together at one location.

But let’s look at some key tips from the moving experts on how to move interstate on a budget. 

Finding a Reputable Container Removalist

So how do you find a good removalist in amongst the mass amount of options?

Online is usually the best method. It allows you to seek multiple quotes in a relatively short period of time. Start by looking at companies in your own area first, as otherwise this could start to stretch your budget thin before you’ve even began packing.

Once you’ve made a list, look into some website reviews, testimonials or social media reviews and find out if they’re worth the cash.

Other questions to ask could be how long it will take them, if there’s customer support and what the storage and packing options are.

Things You Should Ask

  1. What are the insurance options?
  2. What are the weight limitations?
  3. How long will the transit time be?
  4. Does the quote include delivery to my new home, or just to the depot?
  5. Are packing materials included in the quote?
  6. How long can I rent the container?

How it Works

Book the moving date months in advance if you can, and allow for packing and unpacking time as an addition to transit or storage times.

The container gets delivered to your home and placed somewhere that you’ve requested when booking – this generally sits there for around three weeks.

Contact the company once you’ve loaded all your belongings. They’ll pick it up and deliver it to your new home, simple!

You then unload the contents yourself and the company will pick up the empty container when you’re ready.

What size do I need?

A 20ft container should fit a 3-4 bedroom home easily, and have a weight limit of 8 tonnes, while a 40ft container (height), are for those with 5 or more bedrooms worth of belongings.

How much can it cost?

The transit time and cost of moving interstate with a container removalist company mostly depends on where you’re moving from.

For example:

Moving from Perth to Melbourne costs around $2,300 and takes roughly five days.

Moving from Melbourne to Perth can cost around $3,800 and takes the same transit time.

You can put just about anything in a container including a car if you wanted to. As long as it’s not a hazardous material or flammable substance most removalist companies will be happy to transport it. Also keep in mind that Tasmania and Western Australia have incredibly strict quarantine restrictions in place.

You also need to purchase a lock to keep your belongings safe during packing and transit.

Quarantine documents will also need to be filled out, in which depending on the state, you’ll need to declare certain items.

Happy moving!

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