CattleThere have been two years of continued growth in the cattle market, causing a rise in demand for agricultural property. It is expected that this rising demand will continue, especially in South Australia and in the Northern Territory.

In south Australia, the demand from the beef sector is evident. This is especially obvious in the lower mid-south east of southern Australia. Demands such as this have pushed an already buoyant demand from prime lamb and wool producers.

Demand is also high in the grain growing areas – a consistent demand across both low and high production areas.

Most areas are seeing a record price increase per hectare. This isn’t purely from larger farming operations and corporate bodies, but from the smaller family farms out there. Smaller farms that have paid down debt and are now looking at expanding to a larger scale operation.

This need for scaling up operations has been a driving force behind soaring demand growth across many parts of the state.

In the Northern Territory, property specialists are finding that there is a much greater appetite for buying cattle properties, than selling them under the current market.

Strong demands for cattle properties are expected to continue strongly, whilst the beef market remains where it is. If this market softens then it might make some farmers think of selling however, the question is “where do we invest that money?”

Agents in this type of property market tend to have a tremendous understanding, knowledge and real estate intelligence in the field. No farming pun intended. Understanding the needs of the client is key, and offers a satisfying focus for the sales process. It makes it a whole load more rewarding an exchange.

Right now is an exciting time to be investing in Australian agriculture. There is a perfect storm of rising commodity demand prices, combined with the historically low nation-wide interest rates. This has created an unprecedented interest in quality Australian agricultural property.

Baring this in mind, real estate agents across Australia have seen a huge increase in both foreign and domestic investors of agricultural assets. This has in turn, led to a strong appreciation in land values throughout our dominant agricultural regions.

Currently, the demand is outstripping supply – especially with respect to quality aggregations of scale.

Real estate agencies are committing “people on the ground”, who have a great knowledge of their local agricultural property markets. Such teams of people work seamlessly with agencies in the capital city and with international representatives; ensuring that clients’ agricultural assets are marketed effectively.

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