Autumn GardeningWith the approach of autumn, the selling season starts to slow down a little. If you want to make a strong property sale, you’ll need to get you landscaping under control. This will give you the best chance of selling your property during the slower end of the market cycle.

Keeping your plants potted, your lawns trim and maintaining shrubs, will all boost these chances. Not to mention having an attractive letterbox on the front lawn. These are just a few of the things that people will notice when they first behold your garden.

Buyers love to look at a property and lay down their vision of perfection on it; all the things they can do to make it their own. That doesn’t mean that leaving the front lawn in a bit of a state is acceptable, just because they might ‘imagine’ it their way.

A neglected garden also spells out doubt for the rest of the property; questions like “what is wrong with the rest of the house?” will start to pop up in the minds of the buyers.

When selling your property, you’ll want to make the front yard as appealing as possible, so that you can really go for that “love at first sight” factor. This will also likely increase the amount that people are willing to pay for a property.

Here are the top five tips for getting your garden in tip-top shape for that successful autumn sale:

1. Clean it up

This will be your number one priority when working on the garden. You’ll want to get rid of anything that looks like it might be ‘hard work’ to potential buyers. This doesn’t mean you’ll have to put in too much work yourself, just make sure the garden is looking clean and fresh.

Getting that low-maintenance look is all about doing the weeding, raking dead leaves, cutting back any overgrown bushes and branches. A general tidy up will be able to bring the garden up to a good standard to pass on to your buyer

2. Bark chips

Bark chips are an absolute miracle worker, so let it rain bark chips. These little fellas are a fantastic way to cover up many of the sins of the garden, and create a warm and uniform look in the process.

Bark chips are also a really cheap way of fixing up the landscape a little, with most bags selling for under $5 each. So if you’re looking for a quick and effective fix – look no further than bark chips.

3. The rule of 3

Everything will look far more coherent and polished if you replicate it. It helps to create a sense of stylisation in a garden. The ‘rule of 3’ applies to outdoors in the same way it does inside a property.

Look for opportunities to create landscaping features involving three of a specific item; for example, three large plant pots with three tall plants in them. Ferns are a good option here, as they are cheap and cheerful at under $100. The fancier option would be to go for topiary trees, but then you’re looking at a serious price hike.

4. Follow the yellow brick road

Ok so maybe don’t use yellow bricks, but you definitely need an enticing path to the front door. If you can create that feeling of walking to the wonderful land of Oz every day, then you’re more likely to sell the house.

A solid way to do this is to get a dozen or so paving stones, scatter bark chips in between them for uniformity, and have them lead to the front door. It’ll help to make your front yard a little more coherent.

5. Lime that lawn

Erm no, we don’t mean go ahead and throw used limes onto the lawn. It’s a good thing to invest in some agricultural ground limestone. This will help to balance out the pH levels in your lawn, preventing weedy, patchy and yellow areas.

Lime treatment can be a fantastic way to inject nutrients into your lawn and bring it back to full health. This will help turn that dull patch of grass into a luscious, full, green oasis. Do remember though that it can take a few weeks before you’ll see results.

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