Country AustraliaIt’s the Australian dream – to quit your job, sell your property and move to a larger plot of land in the countryside.

In addition to improving your social life and reducing stress, a move to rural Australia could be the key to a healthier lifestyle overall. But is it really a cure to your 21st century problems?

In this article, we’re going to take a closer look at this statement and give you our opinion on whether the big move is worth your while.

Inner-city stress

Australian inner cities are well known for perpetuating the woes of modern life. From this, concerns about jobs, health and money all come together to form a package that can seriously impact your health.

The Australian Psychological Association found that over 30% of Australians experience significant levels of stress, with over 25% of them reporting to experience above normal levels of depression and anxiety.

Although personal finances contribute to the mix, living in a large city doesn’t help. Amsterdam’s Arkin Mental Health Institute even found that mood disorders and anxiety are found far more regularly in major cities.

Why should you live in the country?

While big cities tick over at a fast pace, regional communities operate at the exact opposite. The Australian Unity Wellbeing Index has found that those who live in rural areas experience significantly higher levels of wellbeing, with regional areas like Maranoa in Queensland reporting levels of life satisfaction among the highest in the country.

Australians living in rural areas area also reported to be more socially cohesive, feeling safer in their community and being more likely to give back in the form of volunteer work.

Rural homeowners are often less stressed and feel more connected with those in their neighbourhood when compared to those who live in cities.

Is the country life for everyone?

Sure, it has its benefits, but not everyone is ready for a slowdown in their life pace. There are also notable drawbacks, such as a longer commute for those who are still working in the city.

If you’re looking to escape the hustle and bustle, however, a move to a larger and more affordable property in the countryside might just be the answer to your problems.

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