Repairing windowsConsidering selling your property at some point in the near future? Well, now might be the right time to polish up on a few things.

For many, this includes getting their hands on a toolkit and getting stuck in with some DIY repairs. For others, it requires picking up the phone and calling someone who can do it for you. Regardless of your stance, in the competitive Australian real estate market, your property needs to be in top condition in order to garner the best price.

With the invaluable advice of a real estate agent and a bit of hard work, you can transform your property into a place that’s ready for the buyer to move into as soon as they want. Check out these 5 top tips to help you get there.

1) Painting and wall repair

Your walls are likely going to be the first thing a potential buyer sees as they approach your property, so it’s in your best interests to get them looking their best. If they have chipping paint or are generally untidy or in bad repair, they won’t make the cut when compared to the competition.

If you’re thinking about repainting your home, you might want to steer clear of brighter bolder colours, as these will fade quickly. You can help yourself to choose the right colour by consulting your real estate agent or an interior/exterior designer.

2) Improve your windows and doors

Remember all those adverts you hear on the radio? Well, now might actually be the time to get in touch with one of them. When selling your home, windows and doors can have a huge influence over potential buyers’ decisions and impressions of your property.

Additionally, newer windows will have better energy ratings, meaning that the new homeowners will be able to save money on their heating and A/C bills.

3) Landscape gardening

For the price, landscape gardening will place your property way above the others in the market. It’s relatively inexpensive and can help to give your home that added edge.

Your yard will be a great indication of just how much care and effort you put into your property overall, so you should make sure that there are no overhanging weeds or excessively long patches of grass crowding what should otherwise be a fresh and inviting area of your property.

4) Improve your bathroom

Remember that leaky tap or peeling wallpaper next to the shower? Now’s the time to sort it out. Although you might not necessarily need to completely redo your whole bathroom to boost your property’s value, you will need to make any required repairs as a bare minimum. If a buyer walks into your bathroom and sees cracked tiles or mould, they’re mentally knocking money off of their offer price.

5) Kitchen repairs

Studies have shown that, whilst it used to be the dining or living room, kitchens are now the most communal areas within properties. For this reason, it’s well worth spending out the money and get yours upgraded.

Buyers place a lot of value in kitchens within a property, so by making yours attractive, you’ll be boosting any offers that come in. Adding marble work surfaces is an easy way of making a kitchen look expensive at a relatively low cost.

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