house-in-beaumont-hills-lit-upWhat better gift to give than moving you and your family into the home of their dreams?

Although it might seem a little alien to be selling your home with Christmas decorations strewn everywhere, there are some little-known advantages to a sale during the festive season. In this article, we’re going to share the top 6 with you, so you know where your strengths lie.

1. Spring is winding down

With one of the biggest periods of the year for real estate winding down, many sellers are now looking for their next property purchase.

This is particularly relevant if the season was competitive, as there will be a large number of people who’ve missed out on their dream homes and are still on the hunt.

2. Buyer availability

Although the Christmas period is a busy time of year for many, the majority of people will also be left with excess time. You can reap the benefits of this, with more people ready to swoop in on home viewings and open houses.

As many businesses are shutting up shop for Christmas, you’ll be able to schedule any events for your property during normal working hours. This will free up your valuable time at weekends, too.

3. There’s far less competition

If you’re selling a property during the peak of spring or autumn, you’re going to struggle to stand out from the rest of the market. This isn’t the case over Christmas and New Year, as motivated buyers are going to have far fewer properties to be tempted by.

As Christmas ends and we move into the New Year, the property market will once again start to surge, meaning demand for your home will quickly drop.

4. People are optimistic

Take advantage of the Christmas cheer that many potential buyers will be feeling. Without work, your target market will be feeling much more relaxed, as well as open to new possibilities. This will free up the restraints on price negotiation, making the overall process easier for everyone.

New Year is cliche for reflecting on the previous 12 months and planning how you can better yourself in the year to come. For many people, a move into a new home is the perfect way to clean the slate.

5. Avoiding auctions

As a high-stress and intense environment, it’s understandable that buyers are put-off by auctions. Over the Christmas period, however, it’s common for auction houses to shut up shop.

If you’re going to be selling your property, it’s likely that it’ll be via private treaty, a process which typically puts buyers at ease.

6. Festive appeal

Depending on your home’s location and how you decorate it, you can reel families in with the Christmas atmosphere.

During the holiday season, buyers can get emotional and playing on these is key to landing a great deal. Why not make the most of the situation?

Use the festive season to your advantage and get your property sold over Christmas.

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