painting-exteriorWhen you decide it’s time to sell up, it can be a bit of a rush to get the place up together and out on the market. Get ready, take a deep breath and consider our top 6 tips for getting ready to sell your house.

  1. Do your research 

Before selling you’ll want to research the market. Make sure you focus on properties in your area and ask the questions – is it a good time to sell? Where are you moving to next? What’s your budget?

Don’t panic if you haven’t got the answers already – but you might want to develop a set of goals to make sure you have realistic financial targets before investing time and money into preparing for a sale.

  1. Repairs, maintenance and security

Before listing your property you’ll want to make sure it’s all up together. First impressions are a big part of modern living and it’s important to entice your potential buyers into the property.

Maintenance and security are critical for passing building inspections, and don’t neglect smaller details such as replacing fixtures and patching up holes. Leaky taps and windows left ajar don’t make a good impression and it’s often these little things that can make or break a sale.

  1. Spit shine 

Following on from repairs, maintenance and security, you should consider doing a big clean up. Giving your home a little bit of a spit and polish from head to toe can only be good for the prospect of selling. Cleanliness is next to godliness – so why not make your potential buyers feel like gods and goddesses?

Imagine walking into a home littered with rubbish and cluttered with dirty furniture. It would turn you off immediately for sure, so make sure you wash, wax and paint your way into the minds of potential buyers. Ensure the garden is tidy and looking green.

  1. Become detached 

Our homes are very personal to each and every one of us, but if you want to sell your property you need to become detached from it. This can be hard because we make memories in our homes, but you’ll need to bid farewell to it being your home.

Try thinking about the future you can have in your new home, not about the great times you’ve had in this one. If you can make peace with your house going onto the market a s a piece of property, you’ll be able to do business with a much clearer head.

  1. Find a reliable agent 

Finding a fantastic agent can make all the difference. If you ask around you’ll find a reputable agent that you’re comfortable with. Agents understand the market and all its nuances.

A complimentary agent is great but you want someone who will be 100% honest with you, providing realistic insights into the market and your needs as a seller.

To speak to your local real estate specialist, contact your local Ruralco Property office, they will be only to happy to assist and are their market experts.

  1. Suit up 

Preparing for a sale is all about preparation. Get rid of any clutter in your property and any overly personal items. You want the buyer to feel as though they could imagine themselves living in your property. Don’t forget to get a second opinion to make sure you haven’t missed any small details.

If you’re struggling with this you could hire a ‘home stager’ who can give you an objective viewpoint on the property and on how you perform before it’s time to list the property.

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