A significant dairy farm enterprise in the Port Campbell district is scheduled to be auctioned by Ruralco Property at the local Port Campbell Hotel on Friday 9 December at 1 pm.

The sale is inclusive of two farms which adjoin with a combined land area of 266.35 hectares or 658 acres.

Ruralco Property will auction Weeona at 260 Eastern Creek Road at the Port Campbell Hotel on Friday 9 December at 1 pm to resolve a financial matter involving the farm’s corporate owner.

They are currently operated as one single farm unit while each farm has a comfortable timber family home and each has separate well established dairy infrastructure.

The combined property has been the home of the Weeona Holstein Stud and at 260 Eastern Creek Road is located about five kilometres north of the Port Campbell township and seventeen kilometres south of Timboon.

Major milk and cheese processing infrastructure is available nearby while the farm is currently a Murray Goulburn supplier.

The eastern property fronting Eastern Creek Road comprises an area of 159 hectares and includes a 40-unit rotary dairy dating from 2007 with a 12,000 litre milk vat, 360 cow capacity yard and a 30 tonne capacity feed silo.

The dairy building is a steel framed Colorbond clad structure with a concrete floor.

The timber family home on this block is a four bedroom plus office with a recently renovated and well equipped kitchen and meals area.


The adjoining second holding with a land area of 107 hectares also includes an older style fifteen a side double up herringbone dairy with a 6,200 litre milk vat, a 250 cow capacity cow yard also a 30 tonne capacity feed silo and a Dairy King feed system.

This dairy was last used for milking in August 2013.

The timber home on this property also offers three bedrooms, a kitchen -meals area, bathroom and laundry all with modern services and appliances.

It is judged as being ideal for a farm employee or manager.

Ruralco Property’s selling agent Peter Worden says that water resources are a feature with the entire property also having enjoyed excellent seasonal rainfall.

The stock water needs of the home eastern property is pumped by a diesel pump from the main dam to a tank the highest point on the property from where it is gravity fed by a 50 mm line to troughs serving each of some twenty eight paddocks which include more than thirty farm dams.

There is also a metered Otway Water main tapping as an as required back up supply.

On the second or western property stock water is pumped from a spring fed dam to the same high point where it feeds back by gravity in a 38 mm main to a trough in each of the twenty four paddocks with eight dams.

The entire property is currently being operated under the management of Simon Richardson who says he is comfortably milking up to 300 cows but with some further investment in development this could be increased to about 600 milkers.

He says aided by the good seasonal conditions the Weeona property presents pretty well with assets like the fencing subdivision in reasonable to good operating condition.

“Sandy loam soils are a feature in this region which is generally regarded as having a coastal temperate climate with annual rainfall occurring over winter and spring at around 700 mm or 28 inches”.

Ruralco Property’s Peter Worden says that the auction is to resolve financial matters relating to a corporate owner and he says he anticipates a sale price in the region of $2.6 to $2.9 million.

“I think everyone appreciates that the dairy industry has faced difficult conditions in the main beyond the control of the individual family farm or dairy operator.

“This auction is to clear a path forwards and under more normal dairy industry conditions offers of this nature would not be occurring”.

“Ï think this offer for sale needs to be judged as an opportunity at what is likely to be close to the cyclical low of the industry and this is a well-regarded and highly productive dairy district of Victoria’

More property information and auction details on the Weeona dairy property at 260 Eastern Creek Road at Port Campbell can be directed to Ruralco Property agent Peter Worden on 0418 616 524.


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