garden-landscapingIf you’ve ever viewed a house with a gorgeous lawn, you’ll know that a little bit of work outside can really help to drive a sale price. This begs the question – if you can make more money from it, why not put in a bit of effort in the garden?

Scott Wynd, Director of highly successful Australian landscape design firm TLC Design agrees that it’s worth it. Take a look at his top tips below to bring your garden back to life.

1) Make the lawn your focus

Wynd states that your lawn should be your number 1 focus. “Fertilise lawns with a high nitrogen content fertiliser, which will promote greener leaf growth,” he says.

He advises that it’s best to start fertilising when there’s a bit of moisture on the ground. “We all know a green lawn freshens up any home. It’s amazing the difference it can make, so it’ a no-brainer to start there.”

2) Buy a bag of mulch

Wynd advises that you avoid artificial mulch: “Mulch all garden beds with an organic mulch that’s simple and blends in.”

Mulch shouldn’t detract from the main features of your garden, though, so it’s best to stick to plain colours. “Steer away from dyed, coloured mulches which seem to be popular with some these days.”, he says.

The primary purpose of mulch is to encourage plant growth – it shouldn’t be a garden feature in itself.

3) Create interest

Wynd suggests that you create “major points of interest” within your garden with large pots and accent planting.

“These often work best on a major axis from windows or doors, set back into the garden to create depth to communicate the depth of your property,” Wynd says. “It’s important to give them something to focus on,” he adds.

“Don’t be scared to spend some good dollars on large pots and advanced plants, as they can be taken to your next property if you sell, as they are not a fixed item.”

Adding large pots inside the home too can really help to connect your home and garden. TLC Design use this technique often, so it’s worth looking into.

4) Paint away

Wynd mentions that fence painting can go a long way: “Painting boundary fences a dark colour can often make a property feel larger. It sounds odd to some people however, it works well and highlights any plant foliage,” Wynd says.

5) Work on your street appeal

“Street appeal is so central to selling any property, so think about the exterior carefully,” Wynd adds.

He mentions that cleaning any exterior surfaces is key to attracting buyers. “Pressure wash all paving, decks and exterior areas, paying special attention to the south side of the house, which gets minimal sun and can become very mossy. Most people don’t realise how much dirt and grime is up there until it’s all cleaned away,” he notes.

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