moving-to-the-countryAre you thinking of throwing in the towel and leaving the city for a life in the country? Before you make the commitment, be sure to do your homework.

Although regional Australia has many benefits, it can come as a bit of a culture shock for those used to the hustle and bustle of the big city. Read on to learn about the top 5 points that you need to consider before heading out into the country.

Open space and fresh air

One of the biggest attractions that the Australian countryside holds is the vast amounts of open space. Not only is it beautiful, but it’ll provide you with the chance to clear your head and breathe in some fresh air.

Although you’ll be able to land a bigger property in rural parts of Australia, think about how sizeable it actually needs to be. Running a large house can prove costly to keep, especially if you’ve got a large garden.

Property prices will change significantly

Regardless of whether you’re buying or renting, the prices you’re paying in the city are sure to get you a whole lot more in the country. In some cases, people have gone from a tiny one-room apartment to the home of their dreams in one step.

It’s important to remember, however, that regional properties aren’t likely to increase in value as fast as inner-city ones. If your move is permanent, that shouldn’t pose a problem, but if you’re moving to the country as a way of climbing the housing ladder, you might want to reconsider.

A place to hear yourself think

A home in the country will afford you the peace and quiet that’s invaluable to many city-dwellers. You’ll be able to focus on your thoughts with only the sounds of local wildlife to distract you.

Before moving, think about whether or not this is the lifestyle you want. Sure, it would be nice for a few weeks, but over a longer period of time are you likely to get bored? The change of pace is too much for many who are used to city life, as amenities, restaurants and nightlife are all going to be much harder to come by.

Dreams vs. reality

Many of us have fantasised about moving to the country, buying some chickens and growing our own produce. In fact, clean living is one of the biggest pulls for people moving to rural areas.

Prior to moving, though, you need to ask yourself whether it’s the life for you. Instead of waking up at 6am to begin your morning commute with a coffee, are you ready to go straight into tending to your chickens and maintaining your garden? For many, the change in routine can be slightly overwhelming.

Starting a new career

Have you considered what you’ll do for work in a remote area? Perhaps you work in an industry that’s in demand regardless of location, or maybe you’ve arranged to work remotely for your current employer. Increasing flexibility allowing people to work from home has led to more and more city professionals moving to the country.

If you’re changing career to work as a freelancer, however, are you prepared to live on a lower income if there isn’t enough work? Additionally, if you still need to head into the city occasionally, is your new home a commutable distance? You may well be willing to sacrifice a few hours of your time commuting to maintain a country lifestyle, but it’s worth thinking about beforehand.

When relocating to a rural area, it might be tricky to settle in at first. It’s important to remember to give yourself time to adjust. Sit back, relax, and breathe in that country air.

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