Relocating to RuralChoosing to relocate from the big city to rural Australia is a big decision, which is why Ruralco Property believes buyers deserve as much information on the process as possible. A complete relocation to a piece of farmland from the city is a serious lifestyle change and, for some, can be intimidating. That’s why Ruralco Property will be there for you every step of the way, to provide you with advice on the most important issues you could face.

So we can get a strong idea of what it is people are looking for and what those relocating are really thinking, Ruralco Property attends the following multiple times a year:

  • Agricultural Expos
  • Small Farm Field Days
  • Regional Relocation Expos

Attending events such as the above helps us to develop a great picture of what city dwellers are expecting from a second life in the country, where they may be aiming to generate a primary or secondary income from agriculture.

Although most people have a strong picture of what they’d like from a new life in the country, it’s unfortunate that the majority of these ideas are based on impressions gained from reality TV programmes such as River Cottage Australia. Although this might give you some insight, it’s absolutely crucial that you conduct your own research prior to moving so you know exactly what you should expect.

9 Key Points To Consider

One way that Ruralco Property helps with this issue is by creating online resources for those looking to relocate, to help educate them on the process and what they should expect. From this resource, there are 9 key points that everyone should consider prior to moving forward with a property purchase:

  1. The location’s primary land purpose. Is it used for commercial or agricultural purposes or is it privately owned?
  2. The potential for future development. Does the property have the required council approvals to add additional buildings or make structural modifications?
  3. Your age requirements. If you have older or younger family members moving with you, will a rural area be able to supply you with the resources and amenities you require?
  4. The property taxes. Are you aware of what level of property tax you’ll be obliged to pay?
  5. The utility licences e.g Water Usage. What utility licenses are you required to hold?
  6. Accessibility for utilities. Will the property be easily accessible for the delivery of water, gas and electricity?
  7. Does the area contain flood plains, or does it have access or water problems?
  8. Rights of way. Does the property have existing easements or rights of way that could affect your property rights?
  9. Pest control. Have sufficient measures been carried out on the property to suppress pests like rats and rabbits and noxious weeds?

Ruralco Property’s agents invest a large amount of their time in helping prospective purchasers locate the resources they require prior to making a decision on a property. If you’re interested in property in rural Australia or would like some more information, don’t hesitate to get in touch – one of our experienced agents will be happy to advise.

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