House RainingWe know winter weather can impact utility bills, but will it affect your home that is going up for auction? The number of houses available for sale fluctuates throughout the year, and many factors come into play in regards to the number of auctions that are held every week. Research shows that public holidays can impact auctions, but weather does not seem to make a difference.

You are probably wondering if the colder weather impacts the number of houses that are sold in auctions. While common sense should tell you that fewer people will come to an auction if the weather is bad, but there are the loyal ones who will show up no matter what. While the attendees may decrease during the colder months, the number of serious bidders usually increase. The weather can bring out more serious bidders and leave the nosy people at home.

Reports indicate that the auction clearance rate during the winter months is traditionally higher. The lower attendance numbers won’t impact the number of dedicated buyers who will show up and place their bid. So, you know that the number of houses being sold aren’t impacted by the weather, nor is the sale price.

Professional auctioneers say that the sale price is not impacted either, so don’t count out the winter months if you are planning to sale your home at auction.

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