Selling in the rainIf you’re selling your home, there is a good chance that at least one of your open house inspections will be threatened by the weather. As much as we try to predict it, the weather is an often unpredictable thing and it can be hard not to get discouraged if come your open house inspection day, it’s pouring outside.

While you might literally think it’s raining on your parade, there are some positives that can come from having it rain when you’re trying to showcase your property.

Firstly, potential home buyers will be able to see first-hand how your home holds up. Are the gutters working properly? Are there any leaks in the roof? Are the windows and doors letting rain inside?

Use a rainstorm to further showcase the benefits of your home and then follow these tips to ensure you create an inviting atmosphere despite what’s going on outside.

Create Warmth

If it’s raining and cold outside, make sure you warm up the house. If you have a fireplace, now is a great time to light a crackling fire and create an ambiance that compels potential buyers to put in an offer. If you don’t have a fireplace, make sure you turn on the heat to make the place warm and inviting. Don’t overheat your home, especially when more people come through and it can become stuffy, but make your home a comfortable place to step into.

Keep the Lights On

It can get really dark when it’s raining, which can cause a home to look drab and dreary on the inside. Make sure to keep the lights on and have your home fully lit, so it’s cheerful. Allow as much natural light as possible in and even light candles to add some ambient lighting.

Let Fresh Air In (If Possible)

Nothing beats the fresh smell of rain, so, if you can (and it’s not too cold), let some fresh air into your home to liven up the place. Of course, if the rain is coming in or there are some awful smells making their way in from outside, you’ll want to shut the windows and doors. If there’s an opportunity to let a gentle breeze of fresh air in, definitely take advantage of it.

Add Mats

Add a highly absorbent door mat outside of your home as well as a rug inside by the door. Give potential buyers plenty of opportunities to wipe their feet, so they don’t trudge water or mud through your house.

If it’s really bad outside, you can also place a sign up by the door requesting buyers to leave their shoes. Provide a few pairs of slippers in a basket nearby or disposable booties. This shows buyers you truly care about your property and about keeping it in tip top shape. Any potential buyers who highly value cleanliness will likely be impressed and more apt to rank your property on top.

Provide an Umbrella Basket

If it’s raining outside, people will likely have umbrellas. Place an umbrella basket either right outside of your door or right inside of it, so they can stow their umbrellas during the inspection. This will also keep them from bringing the umbrellas throughout the house and potentially dripping water everywhere.

Decorate with a Vase of Flowers

Flowers make a home feel vibrant and inviting. Add a vase of flowers to the entryway, dining room table, or kitchen to revive your home, despite the storm outside.

Despite the rain, a nice flowering plant also looks great outside and helps up the curb appeal of your home.

If it’s raining during your open house inspection, you might have to take a few extra steps to make your home inviting for potential buyers, but you can find ways to use the weather to your advantage and hopefully still get an offer.

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