Smart HomeIntegrating technology into new builds is a trend that won’t likely stop anytime soon. In fact, as time goes on, we’ll likely see more and more “smart homes,” as they’re often called. While smart homes might appear to cost more to build, they often reduce costs when building a new home in the long run.

These five must-use, tech-savvy tools provide convenience and sustainability. From tablets to smart technology, the way we live in our homes is changing.

  1. Devices that Save Water

Water saving is a big feature of many newly developed smart technologies for bathrooms. A number of faucets and shower heads have been designed to produce larger droplets while using less water or are equipped with motion sensors. Some of these technologies are also designed with luxury and experience in mind. In addition to saving water, the Delta Brizo brand actually produces sculpted water patterns in the shower for a luxurious experience. There are also water features equipped with an LED light to indicate how warm the water is.

  1. Induction Cooktops

An induction cooktop only starts producing heat when cookware is placed on its surface. This cooktop is being used to create more energy-efficient kitchens.

  1. Tablets

Another new trend for homeowners is the use of built-in tablets on walls as central command centers. This wireless technology controls appliances, dims lights, plays music, accesses the internet, and more.

  1. Automated Lighting

LED lights have been added into homes by many homeowners, however, now lights can be installed that are controlled by a smartphone or built-in tablet. Homeowners can program their lights to turn on or off at a certain time or create a lighting scheme to set the ambiance of their home.

  1. Smart Appliances

More and more smart appliances are being built. In fact, LG’s Smart Washing Machine monitors off-peak energy times and connects to Wi-Fi to troubleshoot problems. There’s also talk about smart refrigerators and smart thermostats.

Technology is becoming an integral part in today’s households. These are just a few examples of some tech-savvy tools that help create energy-efficient homes as well as luxurious experiences. If you’re building a new home, you might consider adding these smart technologies to save time and money in the future.

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