Couple with toddlerAuctions can be exciting and entertaining—almost like a theatre or movie, of sorts. If you attend enough auctions, you’ll undoubtedly begin to recognise a familiar cast of characters.

  1. The Slick Guy with Money in His Pockets

This guy drives a fancy car, wears a slick suit, bids a few times and, if his expectations aren’t met, drives away and is off to another auction.

  1. The Nosy Neighbours Who Want in on the Scoop

These neighbours have been in the area for decades and are continually blown away by what properties are selling for. They’ll come to an inspection just to see the inside of your property and then observe the auction to find out just how things turn out.

  1. Daddy and Mommy’s Princess

This girl is in her early to-mid-twenties and she’s accompanied by dad and mom who are helping her through the process. They’re paying for the property she’s about to buy, and they have a mutually beneficial agreement, but she’ll likely brag about how she purchased a property to her friends.

  1. The Couple Desperate for More Space

This couple likely has a toddler and another baby bun in the oven. Mom is close to delivering baby number two and they’re desperate for more space.

  1. The Buyer’s Advocate

This person is likely the only confident person—other than the super slick guy with cash—at the auction. You’ll know the buyer’s advocate from the beginning because he or she will likely announce him or herself and be front and centre.

If you’ve been to an auction (or two or three), do you recognise this cast of characters?

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