Sheep CattleLaws that govern how individuals handle sheep and cattle both on-farm and during land transport will soon be consistent across the nation.

A key objective of the Australian Animal Welfare Strategy (AAWS) was to facilitate consistent legislation for sustainable and improved animal welfare outcomes across states and territories, and this objective has been met.

The new welfare standards and guidelines, which were drawn up by industry groups and Animal Health Australia, have been almost a decade in the making. All state and territory agriculture ministers have agreed to them. Chief Executive Officer Jed Matz of Cattle Council of Australia said the standards will soon become law in each state and that the guidelines will underpin the standards, but will not be legally enforceable.

Matz also indicated that the standards are practical and well-suited for production systems across Australia.

The new welfare law will mandate the use of pain relief on certain livestock age groups for certain animal health practices. It also covers every aspect of production.

You can read up on the progress updates and standards and guidelines for cattle and sheep by clicking here.

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