RetireesCrowded cities full of buzz and hustle can be enchanting for many. In constant motion, they create a sense of energy and life with their shining lights, hurried masses, traffic, and city noises.

Nevertheless, many retirees see city life from a different perspective. Of course, they likely enjoy having fantastic facilities and good public transportation; however, they don’t find the quietness and relaxation they may encounter in the country.

Maybe you had a great job, made a successful career, raised a lovely family, and are now ready to retire. Maybe you are considering whether a less stressful and rushed lifestyle is a better fit for your later years. If you are transitioning from working to retiring, it might be time to exchange the bright city lights for the bright stars shining in the pure sky of the countryside?

Consider how the place feels and how you’ll feel

If you’re considering retiring to the country, you’ll have to evaluate your options. Do your research and then spend at least a few days at the desired area  in order to get to know a bit about how living there might feel.

In the case of moving to a country town or village far away from you current home, family, and circle of friends, you’ll have to be certain you’re ready to be that far away. How often will you be be able to visit them or will they be able to visit you? Will it be enough? It can get pretty quiet, and often quite lonely, living in the country, so consider how the change might make you feel on an emotional level day in and day out.

Find out how the weather is

You may be used to living in a hot and dry climate or to extreme weather seasons with cold and rainy winters and hot and humid summers. So, before moving to a new town located in a different area, find out about the weather conditions you will have to adapt to.

If you are going to buy a new home to enjoy retirement, look at the insulation, design, and construction materials to make sure you can get the most of sunny days, while not suffering the cold of wintertime.

Accept the changes

Retiring implies a big lifestyle change. By accepting this new stage of your life and embracing the changes, you’re more apt to discover the joy and tranquillity of retirement you’ve been anticipating for so long.

Whether you find your tranquility in the bustle of the city or the quiet of the countryside, there is much to enjoy as you enter into retirement.

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