WeekenderEscaping from the hectic rhythm of the city and spending some time in the country can be a much needed break.

The thought of regular holidays in a place where life is calm and the air is fresh and pure often tempts people to invest in a rural weekender.

Usually, the primary purpose for buying a rural weekender is to enjoy the peace of the countryside. Most people find that spending their weekends at their rural property alleviates stress and recharges their batteries to face the working days in the city. However, many people combine their love for the rural area with an investment opportunity. They take advantage of their weekenders to obtain an additional income by renting them out temporarily.

Nevertheless, before investing your money, you need to evaluate your options and ensure you make the best decision. Consider these tips to ensure you select the best weekender to suit your needs.

What means too far away?

The primary reason for acquiring a rural weekender is to have a private escape far from the chaos of the city. Yet, if that private spot is too far from your regular home, you may not get to take advantage of it as frequently as you’d like. Going to the weekender would require driving for many hours and spending tons of money on petrol. Those two factors alone could turn you dream weekender into an inconvenience.

So, before making a decision on a particular place, determine the distance that you would be willing to travel. If you plan to go on the weekends, you probably won’t want to spend a lot of  time on the road.

Do you plan to share it?

In many cases, people intend to obtain double benefits from their secondary home. One of those benefits is to enjoy it for their own pleasure, and the second is to occasionally rent it out to earn some revenue. If you plan on renting it out, don’t forget that doing so frequently may leave you without your personal hide away. You won’t be able to knock on the door of your house and ask the tenants to leave because you need to enjoy some peace of mind in the relaxing countryside.

Evaluate whether you are willing to postpone some relaxing weekends at your rural property and trade them for an income. Through online services like Airbnb, which is an online community marketplace for people to list, discover, and book unique accommodation around the world, you can easily rent your property out on dates that suit you, so your property is available when you need to put your feet up.

Do you really want isolation?

Being in a rural area does not necessarily mean being in a totally isolated area. Decide if what you really want is to be completely isolated from the rest of the world or if you need to have at least a nearby gas station or general store.

If a weekender is what you’ve been longing for, decide what you really want, do some search or seek professional advice, and go for it!

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