Home InternetThere are many different things that affect the selling price of a home. Usually these are common things such as having the required amenities within close proximity, great schools for the kids, and good transportation. Now added to this is the ability for a new home owner to be able to access the Internet through a good Internet provider.

At one time, the Internet may have been considered an optional item and looked at more for entertainment, whereas now it is becoming an essential tool for both work and play. On the entertainment side, the Internet is used for streaming movies, for staying in tune with what’s taking place throughout the world, and for social connection.

Potential home buyers now consider good Internet connection as a must-have on their home buying list. This is more true for those who are looking at properties outside of the hub of the city. While in the city it is taken for granted that high speed internet will be readily available, the same cannot be said for the rural areas.

This isn’t something that has just surfaced with respect to the need for the Internet. As far back as 2012, data was collected to show how important it was to have Internet access. At that time in the UK, potential buyers were putting the need for Internet higher than the need for off-street parking and local amenities.

According to property industry experts in the UK, property owners who rely on a broadband with slow speeds can expect 20% lower property values than those who have good, high-speed Internet access. So, Internet access and speed can be a mitigating factor for a home sale.

In many cases, a new renter or home buyer makes arrangements to have their Internet service connected before any of their other utilities. As long as the Internet is in existence there is no reason why this new must-have amenity will not be of importance.

It will likely become even more important as more and more devices become smart devices and the desire for smart homes increases. Homeowners will need to be informed about what Internet services are available to them in the area, so they have this information when they are thinking about selling their home.


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