EnergyIn most cases, your energy source is going to be restricted to electricity or gas, but you may still have to make a choice whether you are buying your home, building it, or renovating it.

Gas has actually been around longer than electricity, as gas was used for street lighting in the 18th century. Electricity became available from the 19th century on. At that time, the two energy sources became competitive with one another. By the time the 20th century rolled around, gas became more favoured than wood or coal burning when it came to cooking. Then, in the middle of that century, electric stoves and ovens came onto the scene and started competing with gas.

In today’s day and age, electric induction cooktops are taking the lead, however, there are still many who prefer gas cooking because of the speed in which it allows one to cook. Gas has more limitations than electricity as gas is basically used for cooking, heating rooms,  and producing hot water.

Depending on where you live, you may not have a choice between gas and electricity. While most homes have access to electricity the same cannot be said for gas. The regional areas don’t offer as much opportunity for using gas, because of the limited pipelines. The only alternative here would be to rely on bottled gas.

Some renters find that gas is being used in parts of their building, but it is not available for each flat. One of the reasons some people are turning to induction cooking is because it takes up less space and is very streamlined. It works well with  the ultramodern kitchen core. On the other hand, the argument for gas is that you have a much better level of control.

Clean energy sources

There is a lot a controversy over whether electricity or gas is the best energy source. Often it is not taken into consideration where the electricity is actually being produced: a power station, gas coal, or hydro-powered. Then with the gas the same questions arise as to how it is being extracted and transported. Indications are that after all factors have been taken into account, when it comes to heating water in Australia,  gas is three times more efficient and will produce five times less carbon emissions compared to electricity.

The trend is changing in that while gas has always been thought to be the cleaner energy, newer energy products are starting to take the lead such as solar and wind. The government is investing more money into better sources for green energy.


When determining your best power source,  you have to consider the cost. There are upfront costs as well as lifetime running costs, and you have to consider both of these factors. There are usually more upfront costs for getting gas hooked up compared to electricity,  but this depends on your location. The other advantages are that you can go off the grid with electricity, whereas you cannot with gas. When it comes to lifetime costs, this is determined by the homeowner’s lifestyle and what is being run throughout the home that requires either gas or electrical power.

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