Market FoodThe festive season is a great time to get out and explore Australia, and dining in the rural areas can bring many wonderful experiences. There are many different foodie towns that are ready to please you with their cuisine.

Mildura VIC

In Mildura you are going to be able to enjoy many of the local produce that is grown there and the region is most appealing to those that that just want to get away from it all.

Swansea TAS

In Swansea you are going to find almost anything that you crave or enjoy when it comes to food. In this area there are many berry farms and wineries ready to share their delectables with you. Swansea is a an award winning residence where not only do you get to enjoy great food but you get to enjoy the ocean a landscape.

Bowral NSW

Bowral often entertains the well to do individuals from Sydney. When arriving here you are going to see impressive mansions that are surrounded with well manicured gardens. When it comes to food all you need to do is go to the centre of town to seek out the chicken and leek pies.

If you don’t feel like adventuring out then Bowral has a gourmet kitchen that is a ready to serve up some great food and also includes an impressive bar and wine cellar.

Margaret River WA

For a leisurely night out where you want to enjoy some fine wine then there is no other place better to do this then Margaret River. Here you can sit back and enjoy the atmosphere as well as your choice of wine.

Daylesford VIC

For those that are looking for a healthy atmosphere then this is the place to visit. You can enjoy the natural mineral water that can be obtained from the hand powered pumps that are available throughout the town. This homestead is just on the edge of town and has a welcoming environment to offer you.

Broome WA

Broome is the place to be if you enjoy native cuisine. Although this is a beachside establishment it is really not considered rural. Foods that can be found here are Malaysian and Filipino.

Leura NSW

While at Leura not only will you enjoy the great food but you will enjoy the view of the blue Mountains that can be seen in the distance. For those with a sweet tooth, the candy store is the first place to hit with its wide selection of jars filled with all types of sweets.

Bellingen NSW

Bellingen has much to offer the visitor that is escaping the hub of the city. Here is the place to attend festivals as well as dairy farms. For purchasing local produce you can expect to have offerings of honey, eggs, as well as baked pastries and organic coffee and fresh squeezed juice.

Bridport TAS

At Bridport you are soon going to discover that this is a seaport town, and needless to say you are going to have a fine selection of the delectable fish such as rainbow trout, lobsters and scallops.

Angaston, SA

Angaston is a pretty little town with a rustic demeanour about it. It is most well-known for its dried fruit. You will want to visit this area as it has much to offer and is a warm and inviting atmosphere.


What’s your favourite Australian Rural town that has a great foodie scene?


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