HealesvilleThere is no doubt that Australia city living is growing on a constant basis. What this means is that many of the rural areas are not only growing in population but they are declining as well. This raises the question as to whether there should be an investment in the regions to encourage more people to live outside of the city.

The concept of the super town

The idea behind a super town is to create communities that will offer up different lifestyle options based around a regional community. This is becoming a worldwide endeavor to assist communities that are weak.

For those that are interested in super town living there is currently funding in WA for nine of these. The original incentive for this began in 2011 where the NSW offered one off payments of $7,000. This was to encourage individuals to leave their metropolitan homes and move into the regional areas. This program is only in effect for four years.

The program proved to be popular as a few years back many people moved to the southeast of the state on a weekly basis. It is still too soon to determine whether these incentives are going to be successful or not. The early indications are that it will be as in November 2012 the 1000th person re-located, and all of the seven cities signed up for a further three years.

One of the advantages of moving into the regional areas that many people enjoy is the cheaper rents that are available. It would seem that the smaller town environment are more enthusiastic to deal with the problems they face, like shortage of work. Which in turn with some success will help to keep the schools and health services located there open. Many different incentives have been used by the rural towns. For example, the town of Cumnock decided to rent out vacant farm houses for a mere one dollar a week to use as a form of attraction to lure people to the town.

A lot of activity has been put in by the various towns, and via their websites where they are not only promoting what the benefits are for changing to this type of lifestyle. They work aggressively to promote local jobs and encourage new businesses and services to open, as well as the advantages of real estate investment in any one of the super towns.

For individuals that are tired of the cramped city living then it is a wise choice to at least consider moving to one of these super towns, as the lifestyle is totally different yet very buyable for those that want a more relaxed and cheaper way of living.

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