Bush-CommuteThere are lots of reasons why many Australians are moving out of the hub of the city and seeking out the more secluded rural locations. They strive to find that balance in life that will allow them to fulfil their obligations for getting to work which means the proper transport, but at the same time being able to enjoy the many benefits that nature has to offer them.

Ideally for these individuals seeking out country towns that are easy to commute from is ideal. There are many attractions for rural living with some of the major ones being the price factor of the homes which is more appealing than city living.

More value

Country living certainly does bring more value for the dollars spent compared to city living. Those that have been given first homebuyers grants find that rural living gives them much more for their money.

More land

With the prices of property being lower it means those that want more land find it more affordable. This allows them the extra enjoyment of being able to keep some small livestock such as chickens or horses for example, or for having a larger garden for self-sustaining food.

Raising a family

Most will agree that the rural country living is a much healthier lifestyle for the children. They get to enjoy the outdoors much more and in a safer manner. They tend to be more active outdoors not only for playing sports but for enjoying activities such as fishing, or even hanging out with some of the livestock.

A better atmosphere

Lots of people that live in the rural areas consider it the bush lifestyle and feel that there is more of a community presence and involvement in this area compared to the city.

The best of both

Individuals that are living in the bush and are near easy commute find that they have the best of both worlds. This is where they can still maintain their city jobs but return home to a much quieter and country type atmosphere where they learn to wind down and enjoy life more.

While there is travel time involved, this travel time can be cut put it to good use. Each individual has their own needs. While some may use it for relaxing others may do use to catch up on work that they are not able to do otherwise.

There is no doubt that Bush living is a much slower pace of living and this is one of the greatest drawing features that many individuals enjoy. They find that they can cope with their time in the city much better.yet have more time when returning home to relax and enjoy the outdoors/ Whereas that they may not have gotten this opportunity had they continued to live the city lifestyle.

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