ChristmasIt is not uncommon for the real estate market to slow down during the festive season which includes Christmas and New Year’s. This used to be the way that it was in the past, which meant that many shoppers looking to buy or those wishing to sell would take advantage of the summer months. The trend is changing however, where Christmas property shopping is becoming more popular.

The indicators are that there are more homes available for sale in the mid part of January right through to the early part of February then there has ever been before. This means that the stopping of the real estate activity during the Christmas season is not near as long as it once used to be.

In the past as far as 5 to 10 years of back it was a common event for real estate agents to use Australia Day as the weekend for their launch into the market. This is now changing where property seems to become available as of January 10th and moving forward.

There are some great advantages to the buyers who are in the market for a home around this period of time, as the sellers that are selling it during the Christmas season are most anxious to get the property sold. This may be stimulated by them not having any success with their selling efforts in the latter part of November. Also they want to get this matter straightened out by Christmas so they can get settled. The end result is that an offer that may have been presented prior to this and rejected may be one that is considered during the Christmas season.

What makes this season so viable for selling and buying particularly is that there hasn’t been a lot of properties on the market to create more choices. So by the time February comes around there is a large gambit of buyers waiting to find the ideal property for them.

Many Real Estate Consultants are now encouraging their clients to put the property on the market during the Christmas week gearing up for the auction that will be held in the second week of February. The reason for this is that there is lower competition.

The suggestion is that if you are in the mode of shopping for a home at Christmas that you make a strong offer. While these properties may be scheduled for the auctions that will be carried out in February, if they like the offer that is being presented to them they may take advantage of this.

One thing to keep in mind is that this is the season were many of the professionals in the real estate industry such as the mortgage brokers and lawyers, as well as the conveyancer’s, may be taking their Christmas break. So you will not be able to rely on their services as readily as you would be able to at other times in the season.

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