Verticle GardenMany home owners now live on smaller blocks sized properties and don’t have the ability to create large gardens. There are some great solutions for this, and for those that are living in compact sized quarters they can still make use of a vertical garden.

Even if you have just a small balcony you will be amazed at what you can do once you have created your vertical garden. You will be able to utilise this for the growth of flowers to enhance the appearance of your balcony, or if you so choose you can grow some great veggies that are going to provide you with some great food for several months of the year.

You’re going to find that you have some decision making when it comes to planning your vertical garden. There are lots of different styles to choose from and you will want to choose the style that best suits the rest of your outdoor decor.

You are going to need a sturdy wall to plan your vertical garden against. You can use different pots to grow your items in such as terra-cotta or metallic. Which you choose will also depend on the type of weather environment you are facing.

Once you have chosen the proper container for your plants then the next choice is going to be what plants do you want? You have to pay close attention to how much sun the area that your vertical garden is going to be in gets. This is going to important for knowing which plants are going to thrive well.

If the area you are going to be using isn’t going to get a lot of sunlight then you want to go with the type of foliage that will do well in a certain amount of shade. These are usually foliage that is leafy and green. Baby tears is one that does well in this type of setting or you could go with Hestia. You also want to use plants that don’t demand a lot of soil or upkeep for the soil. A good choice for this would be Bromeliads. These along with geraniums are going to give you some nice colour.

While you won’t have the job of weeding the garden, your vertical garden is going to still need some tender loving care. You will need to keep the plants pruned so that they will stay within control and look well-manicured. You will have to give them regular water and feed as necessary, and this is going to again it depend on the environment as well as the type of plant that you are growing.

If you are going to grow some vegetables then you want to seek out plants that are going to stay compact and are easy to maintain.

While there are a few important steps to take so you can have a great looking vertical garden they are minimal when compared to large in ground gardens, and yet they will bring you every bit as much enjoyment.

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