Farm OwnerThere appears to be a renewed interest in first-time buyers of farms with a lot of them originating from Sydney, as well as some coming from Queensland and New South Wales. The properties that were originally not selling are now beginning to even though the prices are on the rise. It would appear that many of the baby boomers are looking for the country life and are ready to give up city living.

While it is exciting to make this move from city to country living it is also important that the new farmer understands what they are getting into. They need to consider what type of crops they want to grow or if they are going to get into raising livestock. There are some things that have to be considered for either of these such as soil type, the size of the land, the land aspects in regards to the slopes, and location.

It would be a wise move for any new soon-to-be farmer to rely on the expertise of an experienced farm manager or consultant for making any major decisions. The land should also be checked out for what it was used for in the past, paying particular attention to whether any diesel storage or whether there are sheep or cattle tips.

Naturally the house itself is going to be a very important aspect, and one of the benefits of a farmhouse often comes down to its size and how well positioned it is. What buyers have to consider however, is that if they are looking at the farm as a new income then it’s the land that has to take the priority and not the house itself.

Water is also going to be very important and what has to be checked out is the reliability as well as the source and the quality of the water itself. Irrigation rights are going to be highly important but consideration also has to be given to the cost of that which will be incurred for running the pumps by electricity.

The next consideration that has to be given is what are the regulations that are in place? There are many regulations that commercial farms must adhere to. These include the use of any chemicals or fertiliser and the methods used for the controlling of paths and weeds. Then any treatment of the animals has to be considered. Also these may have regulations applicable to them.

Fencing is another area of concern in regards to the boundaries along the roads and waterways. Thought must be given to fire prevention and the clearing of trees. Land and water conservation regulations must be adhered to.

It may be a bit of a challenge to find a farm within your budget considering that many of the large parcels of land throughout Australia are held by large operators. That doesn’t mean that it is not a viable opportunity and there certainly is land available for those prepared to venture out into the country farm living.

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