Victorian HomeBuying a period home is a wonderful adventure especially when you are into the older style forms. These homes have a lot of character about them and there is much that you can do to enhance this. One of the many reasons that individuals enjoy buying this type of home is because it has been strongly built when compared to the newer homes of today. There are several things that you’re going to want to check out as you progress through the decision of which period home to buy.

It all begins with the hallway and usually if the home has been renovated it starts at this section. You want to pay close attention to the front door that is leading into this area to ensure that it matches the ambience of the home. Normally these homes have a much wider hallway and you want the front door leading into this to create a nice visual impression. While it may seem like a waste to have a wider space in the hallway this adds to the character of this style of home.

One of the most impressive features that you’re going to find about the home is the windows. These come in various styles and they could be a stained glass or curved for example. If it is necessary to replace these you want to do so with caution so that the replacement blends in with the style of the home.

Most homes have a fireplace and this may need a little bit of repair or updating, but it is certainly something that you are going to want to invest in and keep it as part of the home.

Something else that you’re going to see that is most significant in the period home is the ceilings. These are usually high ornate ceilings and have a lot of character about them. The height creates an illusion of grandeur in any of the rooms. The ceiling moulds are going to be important and you want to preserve these.

When you’re looking at the homes ideally your home should have the hardwood floors or the Baltic Pine. These are not something that you want to cover up with carpet, so you may find if there in bad state that it would be more advantageous to strip and sand them, and then give them a good polish.

You are going to absolutely love the spacious layouts of each of the rooms in your period home. You may find some of the rooms are a little bit larger and these are normally the formal lounging rooms or the living rooms.

Something else that you are most likely going to find when you’re looking at the homes is the verandas. These are absolutely beautiful and have a character all of their own and they certainly do enhance the home. They may need a little bit of work but a little bit of restructuring and painting will probably be all that is necessary. When you’re buying your home you want to be really sure that it is in a Heritage area so that what other homeowners do in respect to the colour of their home is not going to take away from the character and vintage of yours.

When you are looking at the home you are most likely going to find that it is comprised of picture rails throughout various rooms. These were quite popular in the 19th century and they add to the history of the home. If your home doesn’t happen to have these, this is something that you can consider adding at a later time.

There are many things to watch for when it comes to the exterior of the home and this will really give you the indications of what decade your home is related to. For example if it has geometric shapes then it is a Art Deco, whereas the pyramid roofs are related to the Queen Anne Federation. Any iron lace is going to give the telltale story that this is a mid-Victorian home.

When considering buying a period home you need to look at all of the pluses that it has, but also consider that if you need to do any restoration that this can be costly so you need to take this into account.

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