HallOne of the first areas of your home the people see as they enter your doorway is your hallway. You want to make a good first impression of your home and this is where it all begins. There are a lot of innovative ways that you can dress up your hallway to make it more appealing visually.

It all begins with the colour. Dark colours tend to make the hallway look dark and smaller than what it is and can make it uninviting. You can use the brighter and more dynamic colours in this area because it’s not a room where people spend a lot of time in.

Organization of this usually small area is really important. Most often the hallway becomes cluttered with personal items such as coats and boots, and many other smaller items. The best way to handle this is to make sure that there is storage space available for those entering the home where they can put these items away. There are many choices for doing this. You can use baskets storage bins, or even hooks on the wall for hanging makes the area look much neater.

It is always a great idea to have some type of seating in the hallway; however you do not want this to overpower the area. You could use a nice bench seat that will allow storage for shoes and boots underneath.

To add warmth and an inviting look to this area try using a runner or a small carpet at the front of the door.

The artwork that you are going to use in this area is most important. You can either use a variety of small prints that you can put together, or you can use one or two larger pieces making sure they don’t overpower or and close in the room.

Lighting in the hallway is critically important to the ambience of this space. Even if your hallway tends to be dark because it’s not getting any natural lighting, you can add some warm lighting features to it.

Mirrors are a great way to make the room look bigger. Again you can scatter these by using smaller ones are using one main one.

The flooring in this area is going to be most important as well. You have the option of using a carpet, but this is often an area that is difficult to get clean so you may want to stick with some good floor tiling. However, you could use an accent rug to give some additional color. It is important that this entrance way of your home is warm and welcoming to all that are visiting.

Ideally you want this hallway area to look bright and spacious, and by using these few tips it’s going to help you to achieve this. Remembering to get rid of the clutter and keeping it neat and tidy is going to go a long way in creating the look that you want.

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