Hobby FarmIf you have been toying with the idea of becoming a farmer but don’t want all the amount of work that goes with this, then you might want to consider buying a hobby farm. There are many of these available for sale throughout Australia and they offer an entirely different way of living.

The price range can be anywhere from $200,000 up to $1.5 million and more. One of the great features about many of the hobby farms is that they are located just within a few miles of town. There are variations in the hobby farms when it comes to the homes and the land that goes with it. Recreational farming is becoming a trend for many. For those interested in the Mornington Peninsula or Yarra valley and Kilmore district you may be able to find a hobby farm around the $500,000 range.

Description of a hobby farm

This is a rural property that is classed as a non-incomeproperty, however you can still sell some of your produce that you may grow at your local markets. In general, the average hobby farm will range between 10 and 40 hectares. There are many different activities that you can carry out on your new hobby farm. You may want to have the extra space is so that you can work on vehicles perhaps or carry out other hobbies or grow small crops, or perhaps you may want to start a small vineyard.

The advantages of the hobby farms

You will have the opportunity to have many pastures to raise free range poultry. For the horse back riding lovers there will be plenty of rough terrain to do this. There is also an opportunity for growing a wide selection of fruit trees. You can have the choice of what livestock you would like to have on a personal basis not commercial. For those that love being outdoors there are many water sports and fishing to take advantage of.

Who purchases a hobby farm

Many individuals that are tired of city living will entertain the thought of buying a hobby farm. Most often these are professional individuals who are about to retire and want to enjoy a more laid-back way of living. There are some that will buy this type of property as a second home and will commute between their city home and their new hobby farm.

Reasons for buying a hobby farm

The word hobby plays an important role when you are looking at this type of property. There has been a constant demand for this type of property that remains consistent.

What you do have to realise is that you are going to have more property that needs to be maintained and you need to be prepared for this. This means that you may have to become involved in the treatment of toxic weeds and the refilling of water tanks, and making sure that you are well versed in bushfire management. It is a different way of life that takes some adapting to.



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