Apartment VillageThere is no doubt that apartment living is certainly becoming the trend in many of the cities in Australia. Many of the apartment developments are now classed as mixed use. What this means is that it can be anything from a small restaurants to small convenience shops or even larger businesses such as centres for taking care of children and specialty shops. This type of setting is creating a village atmosphere.

Many apartment owners find this welcoming as it allows them to be more sociable and the amenities are so convenient for them. It is also good for the local community as there is a mix of residential and commercial entities which helps to sustain the various areas. Businesses are able to form a bond with the local residents as they tend to get to know their customers better because of the frequency of the private sector visiting their entities.

If one is looking to enjoy a Village type atmosphere in the city than they need to look no further than the Brisbane show grounds in Bowen Hills. What one will see here is multi-level buildings for residential living, and at the ground floor there is a mix of shops such as retail entities very similar to like what one may see in Paris or New York. It may take some adjustment at first for residents to be living in what they perceive as a business area of their community. Once they settle in, many like the convenience of not having to travel out of their neighbourhood for the many amenities that they rely on.

The type of buildings comprised here are often referred to as street activation.

Another great example is Melbourne’s Collingwood. Here the private living at sector is connected like a neighbourhood Square. There is much by the way of shopping and socialising that will be found here.

Many residents find this type of living most enjoyable and find it most easy to socialise in where they can arrange to meet the friends on the main level of their apartment building, and do some socialising at the local restaurants or shopping at the retail stores. The mix of private living and business within such a small area creates connectivity between all parties concerned.

Not only does this type of living allow for easy access to the local businesses it can serve another purpose as well. It is not uncommon for individuals living in traditional rental units to never get to know their neighbours. With this village type living this is not as prominent. Residents tend to go out more, and there is a greater chance that they will bump into their neighbours while doing so.

Being able to mix businesses on the ground levels of buildings that supply upper levels for private living is a great solution for the rising construction costs that come with traditional building.

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