Scott Richards from, Primaries, York WA, has just past on his story of a very successful tender process which was held for the sale of “Marley” 15 Kilometres south-east of York. The property, owned by Dan and Barbera Ryan is on the Quairading-York Road and is just to the east of the locality of Greenhills.

The Ryan family have been farming “Marley” 53 years and it comprises 1814 acres, with approximately 1500 arable acres. The paddocks are clean and open, making it ideal for modern cropping. The soils are a very good mix of York Gum, White Gum and Salmon Gum soils

“Marley Farm” is very well watered via good dams, a bore, rain water and scheme water which is rarely needed.

The property lends itself to stock grazing as well cropping as there is plenty of shade and shelter along the Mackie River which flows through the property.

The homestead on the property is a feature, it was built in 1908 and is in very good condition, the shearing shed has been recently renovated and boasts a raised board, 3 stands and plenty of wool room. The sheep yards and machinery sheds are in good condition.

There were 16 genuine enquiries, most of them local farmers. 14 parties took the opportunity to inspect the property.

Subsequently there were 10 tenders submitted which pleased the vendors.

One of the tenders was chosen and the deal was closed the same day. Currently the price is undisclosed with settlement in February.

The last 2 or 3 years has seen some excellent returns for cropping and the mixed farming enterprise with firm prices for lamb and beef.

Whilst this sale has gone very well it was not entirely surprising as there has been strong enquiry and interest in farming land to buy and lease for the York, Beverley and Quairading areas. Following on from this sale there is a strong appetite in the market for similar type country with many buyers still ready to operate.

Agents – Scott Richards and Lynton Saunders
Primaries Real Estate
Quairading/ Beverley and York

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