If you are looking to move to the country and have some acreage, it can be difficult at times to know exactly how much land you want. Not only do you have to decide upon how much room you want for your house, you also need to consider other aspects of the property, including if you want to add any ponds, sheds, barns, or have a garden or livestock. All these features require additional land. By working with one of the expert rural real estate agents in Riverina, NSW, you can ensure you find and purchase the right amount of land for your needs.

One acre is 4,046.86 square meters. If you plan on having any livestock or large animals, then you will want to ensure you have enough land for them. You want to have at least one to two acres per horse. For cows and other livestock, it can be more complicated to know how much acreage you need. A rough estimate is about 1.8 acres per cow. The biggest concern when deciding how much land you need for any animals is the plant materials available for grazing. Rural real estate agents in Riverina, NSW can help you determine exactly how much acreage you need for any animals, or any other features you want on your property.

The rural real estate agents in Riverina, NSW working with Ruralco Property are experts in buying and selling rural property, including houses with significant acreage. They work with a comprehensive database with all the available property to help you find the perfect land for you. They are local agents with extensive knowledge about the area.

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